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My fiancé and I are getting an Airbnb with a garage 10 minutes from the track and 15 minutes from down town SPokane for a weekend of riding and checking out the city I am super pumped to ride all day, come jump in the hot tub after my shower then Head ... more »

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I always had cooper pegged as a menthol guy but ok

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They could call it super moto cross!!

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Washington state No pitbikes in stock No 2 strokes on the usual buy and sell sites or in showrooms that I know of Used bike market is light right now, not many good deals that haven’t been bought up KEEP IT COMIN!

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RV might have an Answer for you

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The battle for second should be good with musquin back and if AC keeps himself from ACing

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Have you been eating the bentonite chips again, driller 🤣🤣

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Same experience I had with my 18 except I never actually bought the kit but did plan to. CONGRATS

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Mix it to what the book calls for with the recommended oil. I believe the 125s are 50:1? You will have to check though

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Cardio cardio cardio and a little more cardio then go screw your wife then do some more cardio and don’t forget to ride your pitbike (or mountain bike) Tuesday and Thursday to keep the killer instincts of braking, cornering and “flowing” alive through ... more »

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I had those single spring forks on my 2012 kx250f. Not to be confused with the SFF air, the SFF “spring” fork was pretty dang good to me once I realized how over sprung it was

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Lakewood and Hangtown 125 SO MUCH YESSSS

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Thursday and Saturday in the same stadium 24 rounds 12 stadiums

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That’s so cool!! I bet he had a blast other than the foot thing

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It will come and go, i went riding for the first time in 4ish months last weekend and the fire was instantly back lol Don’t over think it! just take a break and ride again once you feel the itch 👍 It’ll be back don’t worry

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This is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt but.... If you’re not a certified or once certified emt all we can really do is be another set of eyes for the professionals, get to rider as fast as you can, flag down the emt as fast as you can ... more »

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Basically you’re a D rider if you can’t scrub the fatties these days bro I say go ride and have a blast

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All it took for me was one look at them big ole badass trophies my dad had and it was over

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It’s pretty obvious home boy had some major personality problems that he let screw him out of keeping a job as a dirtbike rider . It’s a shame cuz I loved watching that little asshole ride

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Ferrandis Sexton Mcelrath Forkner