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And glendale and A2 and San Diego and Minneapolis but I do get your point. Mav caught up to Webb while passing Eli, Ken, and Blake at Oakland and also really fast in qualifying

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When you have guys like Savatgy and Brayton holding off the top riders for over half of the race, the track is one lined. You just don't see that in outdoors and why the top riders can easily pass 5-10th place riders in MX.

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Let the complaining begin...

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Everybody else was one lap down.

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And the award for the dumbest thread on vital goes to the one and only... Trae_Arnold Pretty cool eh Ralph

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I actually already started the exact same thread a few days ago. You literally word for word reposted my thread.,20/Marvin,1353309#post_4071338

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Hampshire actually salvaged 13th.

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Redbud 2018 moto 1 coincidentally it was Webb too.

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I really dont want to whine about this but honestly half the time when Webb and Marv were battling they were watching Wilson rolling around talking about his Grandpa Earl video. Then when Webb had a 5 second lead and there was a battle for 2nd with Marv, ... more »

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Seems to be doing good considering he has only just been able to ride all week starting last week. If he can continue to improve and Tomac and Roczen cant start winning, then this could be a great battle the whole season with Webb, Eli, Roczen, and Marv ... more »

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Dont get too far ahead of yourself. We no longer have Dungey who gets podiums every race. We have the most stacked field which makes it very start dependent. So although Webb is riding great he could back it up with a random 7th. IMO if Marv didn't tip ... more »

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I think he has the speed but not the race fitness/ intensity to win yet. He definitely has one coming down the road.

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Just looked at the supercross ig story and they changed the finish line jump section to a whoop section and the triple before coming across the start straight into the finish line. Thoughts? ... more »

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COOPER WEBB wins first race in 450 class Anderson 17th in the 3rd race must've had a bike problem Musquin back to the podium Tomac wins his first main of the year What season this is shaping up to be First Barcia at A1(looks like a long term injury by ... more »

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How do you stream it on the Xbox one.

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Really fast in every section but the whoops was there in person. Caught up to Tomac and then lost all his time in the whoops.

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Still only 11 points out of points lead.

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How average Musquin was kind of expected it but it was strange how everybody just shot ahead of him. Webb finished 17 seconds behind Barcia while Marv with the better start finished 47 seconds behind Barcia. One of his worst races since 2017.

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Barcia first win since 2013. Add Solid rides from Ken and Eli. Deano 4th really good well see if he can continue the results. 5th Cooper Webb wow what a ride down in the first turn to come back to 5th in a MUDDER with a stacked field, impressive. 6th ... more »

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