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Reply to Should Factory Editions offer WP's best suspension? 2/14/2021 10:58 AM

Anyone remember the KTM SXS? That had quite a few of the parts catalog thrown at it, not bad price too as I recall

Reply to Tyla Rattray - Desertmartin 12/14/2020 4:21 PM

A few guys on here are from the UK and snap pics for GP reports, they will know, good luck.

Reply to Hey DC, it's time for some changes, this is not the 2000's or 1988. 12/2/2020 7:11 PM

Further Goole and India is 2032 with China looking at roughly the same time

Reply to Hey DC, it's time for some changes, this is not the 2000's or 1988. 12/2/2020 7:07 PM

For everyone downvoting most comments to do with E bikes you do realise in Europe there will be no more ice veichles being sold by law after 2030, that's only 9 years away ! The motor industry is now in full panic/development mode, those that don't change ... more »

Reply to Hey DC, it's time for some changes, this is not the 2000's or 1988. 11/28/2020 5:26 PM

Over the years I have always read it's Honda that pulls the strings in racing, in fact most 2 wheel racing sports. Hell I've even repeated this line myself, but how do they have so much clout? Are they big financiers of the racing body? Have they been ... more »

Reply to Wallet spoke 11/15/2020 7:26 PM

Nice one fella, I can't imagine how big your smile is right now. Also cannot believe you have 60 likes and no Jack ass has down voted it, must be a first for vital

Reply to Deegan on the 125 10/28/2020 3:47 PM

Tony carolli for one off the top of my head, think he did pretty good?

Reply to AMA Pro National Purse Money 10/28/2020 3:16 PM

I said it before, if you are employed by a team then you are paid to ride. Purse money should only go to non employed riders.

Reply to Deegan on the 125 10/25/2020 2:12 PM

Or the perfect fun bike for a very young 45yr old ! I,e .....me

Reply to rmz-450 hare & hounds mods 8/5/2020 4:12 PM

Yep in the UK so desert racing is a little off, just by a few thousand miles ! Hare and hounds in the UK is roughly a 20 to 30min tops lap time, lots of logs, wooded sections, across ditches etc, I have a 200ktm and that is plenty enough for nearly all ... more »

New thread rmz-450 hare & hounds mods 8/4/2020 6:36 PM

Hey guys, a friend of mine has just picked up a 2012 rmz-450, is intending to race with me at hare and hounds events, have no idea what gearing or suspension settings to recommend. Any recommendations please ?

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Reply to 2021 RMZ450 7/28/2020 2:43 AM

Ask her if it's ok to buy some new plastics to "freshern her up"

Reply to Factory KTM 125 7/27/2020 10:32 PM

Oh and a complete unused manual, bag and tools etc you got with a new bike

Reply to Factory KTM 125 7/27/2020 10:30 PM

A friend of mine worked for the GP team back then, think I still have a silencer & skid plate, possibly a couple of other bits that he got me for my 04. But no seat sorry.

Reply to Crank rebuilds 7/25/2020 2:28 PM

Any decent go cart or road racing tuners etc that are local? They rebuild cranks so often compared to Mx

Reply to My wallet didn't wear a mask 7/17/2020 8:12 PM

Yes I remembered my first purchase, spent hours just sat looking at it, very nice feeling knowing that it was your hard work that got it. My bike was the first thing I ever got a job for.

Reply to My wallet didn't wear a mask 7/15/2020 2:46 PM

Yeah first bike you have bought on your own and a thumbs down! Congratulations now stop typing and put your helmet on, enjoy that new feeling. Now being honest how many hours have you just sat in your garage looking at it?

Reply to Nationals Postponed - Again 7/13/2020 3:31 PM

Seeing as this year has basically gone to pot why not totally go full retard, run a race like the 50cc one Tony Cairoli does, 400 limit on a scooter perchase, 3hr time limit on making it race ready. All gear has to be bought and made by the wives/girlfriend/mums ... more »

Reply to Ho parlato con il mio portafoglio 7/13/2020 7:59 AM

Keep promising myself that the next enduro race bike will be a TM, quite envious. Enjoy my friend and looking forward to the ride report

Reply to CL Find - exotic YZ125... 7/2/2020 4:13 PM

I have never brought any but shouldn't those shiny new radiator hoses have some jubilee clips on them ?