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In England we have a saying, never wash your dirty laundry in public. Oh how I wish people would take heed !

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I would assume not, but on the slim chance they refuse entry, passes are for sale at the gates. Or they are at all the nation's races I have been too in the past.

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There is an old saying, you either have an Arai or a shoei head. Ie round or oval

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Like watching Jarvis on a blue bike ! Seriously though well done man, I ride enduro and know the camera makes everything look flat ! Tip for you, after a race I like to either go for a steady walk or head to the swimming pool for a few steady laps. Helps ... more »

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My first adult bike was a 1990 KX125, since then i have only ever owned 125's apart from my KTM 200 enduro bike. Have ridden lots of 250's both 2smoke & fart. 450's & the odd 500 but nothing compares to screaming that little engine and working ... more »

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Yes thats normal & for GP's too. You do get a cool fabric wristband though if you want to save that ?

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Beating Graham Jarvis in a 3hr enduro race last year......well we both started together, he crashed out and dnf

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It says survey closed for me ?

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Thanks for making me laugh out loud while sat waiting for my pizza in a packed shop !

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Ha ha I love it, I one bought a bike and took my car to pick it up. Seller scratched his head until I got my tools out to strip it

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Graham Jarvis on YouTube, he has a few of them. Helped me no end.

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The first ever GP I went to in late 80s back then you could only read about the racing, no tv etc. Was the first pros I had ever seen. Just the smell, sound and feeling the vibration through the ground ! Still gives me tingles now. Remember the late ... more »

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If we're including Euro's I'll take big Ken, bet he packs a good punch

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Would love to have a day poking my nose around Steve's workshop. Those bikes are more factory than the factory bikes !

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Slightly off topic sorry, are you into your watches then Newman? Trying to save for an AP ROO panda to top the collection off. Went to an air show coulple of years ago, tried to get in the breitling VIP tent. Wouldn't let me in with a Iwc so tried to

... more »
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You guys are sooooo lucky, I have a 2acre rough practice track I use mainly for hard enduro obstacles with a few corners & jumps in for moto. Nothing like you guys. Would be embarrassed to post pics ! Guessing your land is not 10k an acre like here ... more »

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In the words of Monty python " you lucky, lucky bastard"

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I can find out in a few weeks, seeing a good friend who works for a global company that produces bike and car parts for numerous manufacturers. Both boutique and mainstream. That's if anyone is interested?

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I thought that but didn't have the balls to write it, well that and being British it's not my fight