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Steve Matthes wrote about the costs of going to the MXDN in his article: According to Steve and his talk with a VIP, costs to ship over two bikes, parts, and support crew for one rider is about ... more »

Added reply in a thread DUNLOP Tire Size 120/90-19 9/18/2019 4:35 AM

I run a 120/90-19 Dunlop MX33 on the rear of my YZ450. The differences that I notice over a standard 120/80 is that the 120/90 likes to DIG and hooks up better than a 120/80 in loam or sand. The tracks here in Michigan are typically sandy and loamy. ... more »

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As a severely OCD person myself about keeping things looking brand new, especially my bikes, I wouldn't worry. Yeah it sucks, but it happened move on. Next time make sure your race can is restrained from moving or wrap your swingarm with a towel if space ... more »

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Yes, this has been a big issue especially at the tracks that I typically go to. The biggest issues are kids on mini quads, kids in golf carts, guys who aren't riding that day but take their buddies bike for a pit rip, cocky C class wheelie boy dudes ... more »

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Pro-Circuit makes a Ti-2 shorty silencer for the 04-07 CR250. Why not go with that? While they are not in stock at PC, you can probably find one from Rocky Mountain ATV, Dennis Kirk, or Motosport, maybe even BTO Sports. ... more »

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Get rid of triple crowns and have more East/West shootouts.

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I think K-rocs gear is fine. Nice to see other colors and styles than fluorescent everything. But who wore it better? Stew or K-Roc?

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In all but one of my two stroke race bikes we have always ran Sunoco 110 race fuel. The bikes just ran better, had more consistent jetting, and the engine internals were very clean when it came time for top end rebuilds. For us, the $6 per gallon price ... more »

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Motocross is plenty affordable even for most people. Like any hobby or sport, you make it as expensive as you want it to be. People just have to be realistic with their finances and be real with what they can comfortably afford. Nowadays you can spend ... more »

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I was 11 years old and at this time our neighborhood group was really big on building BMX dirt jumps. Some of the kids had older siblings who had dirt bikes and were revered as the "cool kids." Some of the parents in our neighborhood got my friends dirt ... more »

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The reason this sport is going in the crapper as far as racing goes is because of how the amateur scene has evolved today. Where in the past, showing up to the races was the only time you really could ride on tracks. Maybe the tracks would have a Friday ... more »

Started new thread Spring Riding in Midwest 3/15/2019 11:43 AM

Anyone else in the midwest, once the weather is nice, wait a couple weeks to ride public MX tracks? Usually I do this to let all the squids who bought new bikes crash themselves to death on the track and not end my season early. Have seen my fair share ... more »

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Martin MX is probably one of, if not THE best practice track in Michigan. The owner puts his heart into the track and every practice the track is in prime conditions. Never dusty, hardly muddy, and all the jumps are pretty tame. Seriously though the ... more »

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The problem is with our qualifying system. Lappers get into the big show because they can go fast for one lap, but they can't hold that pace for a whole race. Pro motocross should return to qualifying races in order to get into the big show. Maybe implement ... more »

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Bravo Kawasaki! Awesome bike for sure...if the ride reports are good, I know what I will be on next year.

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You guys need to seriously just stop it with all this restricting engine size nonsense along with the bring back two strokes into professional racing. It's not going to happen! For a privateer racer, they can go into their local dealer and buy a stock ... more »

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What I have found is that Twinwalls or Pro-Tapers Fuzion bars have very minimal flex which beats the crap outta my arms. Especially later in the day when braking bumps and chop hardens up. I run Pro-Taper Evo KTM High bend. I like a bar that is pretty ... more »

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Go onto, there are a bunch of combos from big brands.

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The stock 49mm Showa suspension that comes on the let's say "base" CRF450 is going to have the 49MM fork tubes, but have production based internals for the fork and shock. The "works edition" Showa suspension has the same internals as the "base" Showa ... more »

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For that much money you would think Honda would put their hydraulic clutch on the bike that the team uses.