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Ok, unpopular opinion and I know the dislikes are going to fly but here goes. I used to be one of those people who was against getting the vax and being forced to get the vax. I still think that mandates are the wrong way to go about this, but it is ... more »

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I find PulpMX overall just annoying. Same guests, same co-hosts, talking about the same things, all in one big rotation. Rinse and repeat. Gypsy Tales has far more interesting content and guests. Just my $.02.

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I would much prefer to go to a dealership and pick up parts, but I admit that I mainly order my parts online now because I am tired of going to the dealership and being told, "Nope we don't have that in stock, but we can order it." This is usually for ... more »

Started new thread Fuel Injected YZ450 Gas Mileage 9/21/2021 8:29 AM

Hey All, Long-time motocross rider who is making the transition to riding single track and racing sprint enduro. I was wondering what people have been getting as far as gas mileage goes on stock fuel-injected Yamaha YZ450's. I have a 2015 YZ450 with ... more »

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The other fee I think is total garbage is the "destination fee" of $4-500. Basically having to pay for shipping the bike to the dealership. That should be a cost the dealer eats. If you are going to charge me shipping fees then I should charge you travel ... more »

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The problem with the current generation is that they are constantly trying to compare and justify that the current generation of racers is just as good or better than the golden ages of motocross. The racers who made these previous years of motocross ... more »

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Hate to tell you this but my buddy who had a 2020 KX450 had the same problem and it was the oil pump & crank. His bike had the same symptoms as yours. Starts, after a while it cuts out and won't start. The electric start wouldn't kick the bike over. ... more »

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Thanks all of you guys! The next race is at the end of October so I've got some time. Really excited to race in one of these. Seems like a great style of racing and atmosphere. I'll report back for sure!

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I can only speak about the west side of Michigan, but motocross is definitely on the decline with enduro, hare scrambles, and sprint enduro booming. The biggest complaint is track time. Typical race day is 1 practice and 2 motos totaling around 15 laps ... more »

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My first bike was a 2003 Honda XR80 for my 12th birthday. I took a trip with my mom and sister to Minnesota to see the Mall of America the week before. My dad told me he went and looked at some bikes when I got home from the trip. Then for my birthday, ... more »

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I would leave the mapping alone and add a flywheel weight from Stealthy Offroad to the bike to decrease the hit. You can also drop a tooth on the rear sprocket to reduce the hit. Not to sound like a dick, but if your kid is bored with the 230 but is ... more »

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Hey All, Long-time motocross rider that's transitioning into riding more offroad. Sprint Enduro's have started to catch on in Michigan and I am thinking about trying one. Seems like the best of both worlds. I've read most of the rules for the races on ... more »

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Yes, kids definitely need to ride a 125 before going to a 250f for three reasons: One, power transition. Going from an 85 to a 125 is a smaller step up in power than going to a 40hp+ 250f with a whole lot of torque. A good 85 will make around 23-25hp ... more »

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I find it funny that Haiden accuses Evan Ferry of cherry-picking 125 class races when he himself is actually doing so on superminis. If I remember right, Haiden raced a 125 at Mini-O's and whined because the big boys bounced him around a little and apparently ... more »

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I think Honda knocked it out of the park with this one. Hopefully, the real-world test reviews back it up. The lack of a hydraulic clutch really doesn't matter to me. I would much rather replace a cable than troubleshoot a hydraulic system that loses ... more »

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Just in case anyone actually lives under a rock and not sure why more people aren't talking about this, but... Carson Brown #65 on a privateer BBR Husky TC250 two-stroke finished within the top 20 in the 450 class this past weekend at Washougal with ... more »

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If I was the lead designer/project engineer here is what I would do. First , I would establish the main focus of the project. If I was Triumph, I would focus on the premier 450 class. Depending on the size of the offroad design team, trying to come out ... more »

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I really hope that Triumph makes their own bike from the ground up. That would be more impressive than another rebranded KTM clone. If they wanted to be different from the others, it would be neat to see Ohlins suspension on a production MX bike. Often ... more »

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I wonder how Kawasaki feels about RC jumping ship already. Seems like he just signed on with Kawasaki as a brand ambassador and now already jumping to a new manufacturer.

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Triumph better get cooking on the production of said MX line if they want to contest any of the 22' AMA pro races. Isn't one of the rules in the AMA rulebook that you have to have bikes available by April 15th of the year and a certain amount of the ... more »