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The decision is already made and JS has not raced yet. I am guessing - and just guessing that they did not pick JS for this reason. Roger is too smart for that. And the gear companies need time to get the riding gear and graphics together and the teams ... more »

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Yeah I agree - Baggett can most likely pick but I still hope it is on the RMZ-250

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This is awesome news. Cant wait to see who is on the team. I hope Baggett gets the call. Along side Dungey on the Suzuki 450 team - I think it would be awesome to have T Hahn on a factory bike. He has been strong the last two years in outdoors and with ... more »

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Why did they take the video down?

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It starts with the bike. The KTM is not as good as the rest. If he stayed with Suzuki he would have a better chance to win. The Alessi's need to create their own team, pick their own bike and race. They would get the sponsors to build a top notch team. ... more »

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Uni prediction: Stew 1,2 Dungey 2,1 Dungey wins overall Next race Stew 1,1 Dungey 2,2 Stew wins overall MXDN prediction Dungey Stew Canard USA wins and crushes the rest of the world!!!!!

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I agree it needs to be changed, but I think it should be on a 50 point system. 50 for 1st, 46 for 2nd, 44 for 3rd and subtract 2 points until 9th place gets 32 and then goes down 1 point for each positin until 40th place gets 1 point. If you qualify ... more »

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If true it could spell trouble for Suzuki. It should be in RD's contract and if they are not paying - it could break the contract. But I am sure there is a time frame that Suzuki or the sponsors have to pay to be within contract stipulations. I am sure ... more »

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This will be my first time at Washougal!!!

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I think K-Dub blew it. He could be giving Dungey a run for the money if he raced from the start. I think he will be top 10 - closer to the 9 or 10 range, but hoping for top five. Dont know how much he has been riding since vegas.

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That is the wrong question - the real question is if he comes back and blows everyone away - does he ride at MXDN?

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Suzuki needs to drop Moss and sign Pourcel. Dungey and Pourcel on the same team - awesome. OK - I will wake up now.

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We need to showcase the sponsors or they will not be sponsors. It would be a great if they could just go race but sponsors are needed to foot the bill. The issues were not race related - GL8 fell when looking back on parade lap, his error and he should ... more »

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Of course the attendance at the USGP was low. Only some of the true MX fans went to see the racing but the average joe is not going to pay the $80 -$100 (ticket, parking, food and beverages) to go see people they never heard of. This is why lugo wants ... more »

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Everybody talks about how other factory riders are not performing up to what they should do. What about Matt Moss at Suzuki? You dont hear much about him and he was going to be top rider fighting for podiums. He is on a factory ride and barely gets top ... more »

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How about Metcalfe's performance in the big bike class. Third in points behind reed and just ahead of alessi. With 2/3rds of the season to go where do you think he will end up. If alessi stays inconsistent - he can end the season on the box. Just think ... more »

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DC, We all appreciate the effort in getting this large task going each week. Although we can be very critical of the results, we are very passionate about the sport and want to see it succeed. Even though MX has been around for some time, you are now ... more »

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Anybody know if the 11 GP will be before the 11 Nationals first race? I think more Nats riders would participate and use it as a tune up for bike set up and see where they are with endurance. More Nats riders = more fans which = more $$ for the sport! ... more »

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E-Mac gets my vote.

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Matt Moss - what happened with him. Yeah it was his first race in a while and coming off injury, but a 33rd as a full factory rider - RD is not going to be happy with that. Hope he improves and shows a bit more.