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I agree. I can't get enough of the Netflix documentaries on F1.

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That"s the butterfly effect!

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Concept 2. It's brutal, but fun. I wanted to see how high I could get my heart rate...I thought I

was going to die! ... more »
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Now, this is the kind of drama I can relate to!!! Hope he lays waste to Tomac!

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damn!! Now that's funny!!!

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Why did they take out the back part?

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Pics of my 2001 RM125 ... more »
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I have a question. Is it possible to assemble a 1978 YZ 100 transmission incorrectly? I mean, it shifts but neutral is all the way up between 5th and 6th. Could the shifting barrel be put in wrong?

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Damn right! They don't know who the hell their messing with!!!

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Holy Shit! She's my vintage too!

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This story doesn't have a fucking thing to do with the Dirt Bike. It's all about being raised to respect other people and their things. I know there just "things", but that is where it all starts. Be a good person, listen when your parents tell you not ... more »

kxman left a comment 6/17/2017 3:23 AM

Hi mate im just starting a full resto on a yellow tanker like yours.when you ordered your wheel rims did they need there spoke hole angle drilled to suit,or there just over the counter pre drilled rims

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Once I got the engine and frame back it was about 8 months.

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DONE! Time to go burn some laps!!! ... more »
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That's the kind of shit that does give our sport a bad name!

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My observation. Dungy can ride like he has been, accept the fact that Tomac is faster, and he has had one of the greatest MX careers ever. Go out healthy and that's that! OR, he can say, I have two races left in my career, I'm going to throw everything ... more »

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So much so that He didn't even think about it. I was watching a bit on him when he was at the end of his career and he was talking to someone about car racing. He was saying how it was so hard to focus and it was much harder than motocross. Ya, that's ... more »

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Finished the pipe last week. Had to take one dent out. Then sanded it down and re-blued the welds and wiped it down with WD-40. The silencer is a Bill's. found it on E-bay. had to cut the mounting ... more »