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Both guys are great broadcasters and I wonder if Ralph has SX as his second choice. IMO. Will Christian is what make the show completely UNWATCHABLE!! She needs to find fewer words. Her stupid rants start to hinder updates on the excitement of the race. ... more »

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That's what I'm saying. It's far too late to turn back. Nobody has to shove that down your throat, you know it.

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I can't believe what I saw Saturday. As I'm watching a kid riding frantically trying to keep the lead, I hear that his Mom and Dad sold their house took all the kids and moved out of the country to see him win. It's hard to digest the magnitude of the ... more »

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Ken's instagram

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My point exactly, the whole Agawam, Southwick, Westfield area is a pit to most of Mass. I remember people swearing off Dowd in the stands because he got beat by a black guy. Really? Oh NorthHampton would have been closer for weed

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Love the track but it is a shithole part of the state. A pack of white trash trailer monkeys that cant handle that these french riders kill it with both feet on the pegs the entire track. My hope is that most of these idiots don't find their way South ... more »

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Yeah, he did well. But opting for traditional schooling is probably a good idea.

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Theres an open practice July 13th. Come and ride. I promise you wont forget the experience ever. It's a great summer get away in southern new england

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I had a pro circuit 144 kit on a 2005 and loved it. Especially if you you're a bigger rider, the bike seems to have the ability to handle awesome in the higher gears. You'll notice the extra torque

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Vented Jersey.. and for God sakes dont pull up your sleeves. Sweat on a vented Jersey actually keeps the body cooler on the inner forearm . Opt for white gear also. I saw a guy at a dealer asking for black gear recently...Huh?

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That's his PR way of recruiting sponsors and securing himself a new ride. Social media is a great tool

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Hmmm. Powdered doughnuts, sugar water...and Adderall. Enough already with this guy. Its 2019 and there is awesome racing in and outdoors. Why be caught up in memories

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Ok well my all time favorite was Tony Lorusso dominating New England for 2 decades on the RM125. Even beating the guys on 250F's This bike was built for him LORUSSO VIDEO NO MUSIC

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Swap out Marvin for him for an outdoor season. IDK maybe

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Yeah, that's about right. It's odd. Now a days I see the NYPD playing with these kids. At 40 blocks south, I see the kids flying down at 2 and 3am. Cops just laugh

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Gotta give it to him. Davalos has a lot of heart and he doesnt give up.

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Damn, I'm in NYC and go an hour or 2 to hit tracks. Nice to be away from it. But to see these stolen bikes paraded down the avenues is infuriating. To make this cool is horrible.

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I have the race dvr'd at home.. did NBC do something completely ghetto? I'll be sick

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Maybe I'm a guy from the CBD company who just made a Vital account to plug the product?? Not quite newbie, I've been here since 2008... Advocating for what's logical and fair, rather than being skeptical of a product doesn't take ownership

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Instant gratification? If a legal business owner invests in a legal marketing contract, should they be required to wait until the baby boomer generation to die off before they promote their business? Surely the government is more than willing to take ... more »