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Like they said before, it's only the 1st race but I didn't think the track was good for passing, few guys had it most didn't. S

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I forgot and no one reminded me ha I rolled into the stadium sat night about 7pm ? watched until 10pm and bailed home, had a race sunday, sorry Hammer I would have showed up but I just didn't remember !! It was nice to get out of there by 10pm first ... more »

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exactly and there are some KEY people who bust their ass to make sure that rig is there, first off Jim & David Castillo, they fund that if the money comes in to help or not !! Good people behind that rig and I agree there should be a lot more people ... more »

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I get emails from and it has lots of Moto jobs up, I know Thor is hiring for a Graphic Designer... S

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Can you make that into a Ringtone ??? I'd like that ! S

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Ronnie is that you ?? Tell yer dad I said hey !! Sondra CMC

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Yep we had Golden States there and Trans-Cals also ran a night program there for a couple of years, what a freakin drive to say the least from South OC !! Sondra CMC

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Woo hoooo I grew up at Ascot, we had racing there Weds nights Thurs nights and Fri nights, good times ! I saw my first Flat Track race there with Bubba Shobert and a grip of other fast guys, incredible to watch flat track. Shame it had to go away like ... more »

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With our new CMC Racing Insurance we have $10,000 excess medical for the riders, any and all helps !! S CMC

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Oh Please Ronnie Lechien and he just got married I heard too !! S

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I work in the BK world and it's not so bad especially if you want to reorganize and trust me one of the Big 4 is already in BK, so no surprise if the another one does it, the MC industry is on it's knees for sure !! S

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That's Skip Norfolk and I am going to go with the "Nicest Guy/Mechanic" in the Industry...Rick Asch S

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I'm with you on this one !! S

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Yeah you should have named this thread "Your most Favorite Rider of All Time" Cause I have been in this business a long time and I guarantee you that half the names you have listed no one knows who they are or what they do... Travis Pastrana and MC are ... more »

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I wasn't going to sunday races from about 7-11, my first race back was at Carlsbad I was 11, first boy I met was RJ, I was in love....I had to sneak around with my instamatic camera and take pics of him racing and sitting in his van, I have an entire ... more »

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woo hoooo big 38 !! S xo

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Majority of the races CMC raced was on Sundays and if it was a Saturday, it was on the main track and it was a Golden State National ! Sondra CMC

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Call Bob Leach at Albany MX Park I am sure he would know of him ?? Sondra CMC

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1/2 course, not the full course

she's not ready to run 26 and swim no problem. S
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Just had to tell you that my daughter Alex did the 2.4 mile swim at the Silverman in Vegas, she got 4th overall out of 400+ swimmers and was the 1st woman, she busted out 47.50 and the guy who won did 45.58. The next woman was 1.08 I believe. Alex and ... more »

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