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Yeah, Donnie did get a bit OTT and as a result I think there was one time we lost Mitchs answer but he did ask a few interesting questions Ping wouldn’t have raised so I’ll let it slide too. It was different time of interruption as he didn’t swing it ... more »

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Well, GL was sick/hungover so didn’t make it in. Accordingly, it’s safe to listen to.

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Yep, pretty well summarised what I have been thinking every time I grit my teeth and listen to episodes I want to hear (only because of the guest) - eg. I can never get enough Weege but it's just so hard work when he uses gangsta try hard language. It's ... more »

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I heard that he was actually offered a MX2 ride for Europe for next year but turned it down to develop for another season locally. One downer for Duffy is that last weekend at a West Australian State Championship Round in Manjimup (he won MX1 and MX2 ... more »

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Anyone got a link to the episode/s of "The Hills" which he is in ? Sounds like he got paid well enough to encourage anyone enough to do it...

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I haven't found it on iTunes yet - listened to #1 on their webpage... I, like others, are on podcast overload but I'm not sure this will make the cut for me - have to try #2 I guess but there is something about ... more »

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That was mildly annoying but hardly a deal breaker. Still a great podcast and I'll be listening to anything else to come. The Chad Reed interview on the Gypsy Tales podcast is also a long comprehensive one but the host, Jase, was far more irritating. ... more »

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Geez, that was hard to hear. No vision in one eye at present and not great in the other. No feeling in his face. Hoping for some positive developments over coming weeks...

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Yep. As I said, I didn't watch it all but couldn't a few guys got up on the crest and warned the other riders ? I am glad to hear he was OK (from the YouTube comments)...

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Christ, I couldn't even watch all that. Had to stop it.

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He was there and rode, putting in a qualifying time but wasn't in the races. Didn't see or hear why he didn't ride ?

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Added reply in a thread Las Vegas SX recommendations 4/8/2018 4:30 AM Any can should do. I hope. I’ll be there too. Anyone know if you can take a backpack/camera bag in ? I know you can’t for the stadium but is the pit party different ?

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Sorry ! - from the main area of LV (where I expect we will be staying).

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Thanks all. Is it best to drive there ?

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Hi, Will be attending my first SX next year for the finale in LV. Obviously a total novice but wondering if anyone could clarify for me: 1, Where to buy the tickets 2. When I should buy them 3. Any suggestions on where to be - mid range cost - don't ... more »

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I second everything Chad says. You have also got to get good at editing IMHO - everything from cropping to boosting colour as needed is important... I have sometimes edited a pic back from deletion into one that is worth selling ! FYI. I'm just a 50+ ... more »

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It was bad eh ? I was expecting Malin but Eurosport seem to bring in some part timers. I was surprised we got all the motos and didn't get the usual 30 min "highlights" show. Wonder what we will get for MXDN...

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Nice background and insight. Some might laugh but tagging along with your road trip would be a ideal holiday for me !

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Kenny tried hard to keep Brian positive but that was the most confronting podcast I've ever listened to. Once Kenny hung up, you could tell that he was quite emotional and if it was someone you knew I can understand why. I hope Brian can get back on ... more »

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From all that has gone on, I just don't think I can trust anything he says... He would have a far better chance of getting back on a good team if he pulled his finger out and raced with what he (or his backers) has now. And did he buy the bikes as he ... more »