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Every time this one pops up I wonder what the photoshopped background was about

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Awesome to see this. If this is a situation where we could all chip in, I would be happy to throw in a gift card, controller, etc.

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With a PS4 or xbox one you have enough game options to keep your friend entertained for a while. Both have online stores built in where they can buy and download games if they're unable to get out as well. You can usually find them discounted at tech ... more »

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You’re so sick of hearing about him… you started a thread about him.

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TM thread needs this pic
Reply to Shtuff You Hear Moto Dads Say.....(help me out here, I know you got some) 5/27/2021 2:13 PM

"If you're scared just throw your purse in the air" "Spray some WD-40 on it" (anything, injuries included)

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Pros: - Overall a fun time-burner - Whips are sick - Sand sections - The mini-goals in the qualifying races (wheelie the first section, backflip the triple, etc) can be challenging and keep you hitting replay - Several levels of achievements that make ... more »

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He tweeted this not long ago, in good spirits at least. The crash looked like a seriously bad shot to the gut and/or "crotchle region", as keefer would say.
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Don’t forget he was “revving the bike to scare” broc and accidentally dumped the clutch too 😉

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This is why you support The Deegans and Buttery IMO

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Glad you posted this, DB and JB are a great combo. No hate for anyone involved with the night show broadcast, but this is what I want it to sound like.

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You have to drag your handlebars

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Ahh dude I know the one you’re talking about, I think Stroupe was the other rider? I’ll try to remember where I saw it. In the mean time:

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Good call! Great pic by Cudby. RacerX wallpaper here
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You've got about 14 pages to catch up on

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I have a very close friend who’s been in a chair since a car crash when she was young. She has been approached by “miraculous healers” on the street and in church that tell her things like “God’s gonna heal you today, right now, STAND UP!!” And she just ... more »

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Bam Bam to Two Two Gas Gas