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Sensationalized internet fodder that is all about demonizing the park and it's users. To push the closure of the park in the name of restoring the area back to its natural landscape. All the while with their fingers crossed behind their backs because ... more »

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That would be awesome my friend just got a couple weeks ago. A '21 beta 125 re and its a sweet fast 125 the rx 300 he has on order is supposed to show up on the 14th.

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I owned for 15 years a 06 yz125 i bought brand new and 6 months after owning it made it into a 144. How your 144 performs will depend on what your after and ask for. I had mine modded by Eric gorr and I asked for it to be ported for more mid/top style ... more »

Added reply in a thread You tube got me 11/2/2020 9:13 AM Another popular build building a frame around the Kawasaki KR150 sport bike. It is a small engine size wise. 150 cc two stroke kick start kips runs a pwk 28mm. They make like 30 hp to the rear wheel. They do ... more »

Started new thread You tube got me 10/31/2020 12:09 AM I watched a few of these dirt bike builds off this channel. It's like watching art, but i think it explains why the mxgp was going to Indonesia. Looks like dirt biking is blowing up there. Mostly China bikes but they building ... more »

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This maybe a dumb question. But I was wondering if they changed how they are doing handle bar bends or not. On my '21 ktm's the stock bars don't seem to have a s much of that pronounced S shape in the bend. They seem to be more straight and more of a ... more »

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I hope you're right, because i-90 mx just shut down for good and the ridge didn't even run this year and so did ward creek they didn't run either this year.

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Bonus if anyone knows what 90's movie these are from.

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Keep riding like that and they'll bump you up to 60 intermediate

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They never fixed anything in the yz250 transmission. It still has the issue with the gear dogs wearing out. Especially 3rd n 4th gears. I had my 06 yz250 for 15 years bought it brand new i had to replace 3rd n 4th gears at least once. If your someone ... more »

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I see your killer tire and raise you one.

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Had me one of dem 86 cee are's one two fivers worked over by pro circuit. Suspension porting carb bored bigger pipe silencer. The works style swingarm they sold and a aluminum subframe.

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Not the first time I've seen the chain guide get ripped off at the welds like that on a yzf. Ever since they went to the newer style swingarm in 09. Doesn't take much to break it off I've seen a couple that looked like the welds barely hit the bracket ... more »

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That was a tosh webredemption episode.

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I ran kenda washougals front n rear since 07. They are more of an intermediate to soft terrain tire. I never had a problem with the traction when it was in its intended soil. I along with my friend ran them on our 125's n 250's. They wear great hook ... more »

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What are you laughing at fool i keeps it real!! joking aside. I was racing this local arenacross series and these two same guys. Kept having run in's the last few races and during this one race it happened again. During the race the other guy cut the ... more »

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Unfortunately that happens around here all to often even in the vet class. More than once when said d ass has taken us out I'm yelling at the fool. It's only practice! while standing on top of his bike. Lately I've been just returning the favor asap. ... more »

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If you saw my garage you'd be drooling. You should really ride a Honda vfr400 or better yet a rvf400. You'll forget all about that gixxer. But then again if you rode one of the 250 smokers properly unrestricted you'd forget about the 400's. My friends

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