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Who is in position to consistently beat him? Only Marv and Kenny seem to have his pace, but not often. Could be a 12 round sweep if there is 12 rounds.

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MC would be 1st. Bubba maybe 2nd with 50 wins.

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I miss the works bikes. If you rode one you were a superstar. Didn't matter if you were only 16 and it was a 125 or even a 250 in SX like Lechien was allowed to do.He even won a round. All this support, split coast, developmental stuff hurts the imagine ... more »

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There are not enough factory 450 jobs. Honda for example, only pays for one 450 "A" level SX rider, plus one "B" rider. Back in the day they had as many as 5 'A" riders for SX. It was different in MX as well. The 125 class was not considered a development ... more »

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I think the majority of the field are millionaires? Why take big risks when you don't have to. A near out of control blitz through the whoops to make a pass for the win or just for one position doesn't pay off the way it used to. Add the addition of ... more »

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Thank you mate, appreciate it.

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I didn't feel much stigma and my psychiatrist prescribed me 8 mg of Clonazepam. That was in response to the hypomanic symptoms of an antidepressant she prescribed. It nearly killed me. Perhaps yes I was stupid for not knowing about benzo's and trusting ... more »

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Plant medicine is the real deal. The book referred to, How To Change Your Mind saved my life. I only wish I knew about it 30 years ago before I went down the rabbit hole of mainstream medicine and psychiatric medications. If there ever was a pseudoscience, ... more »

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What's wrong with the modified push ups? He is working his core. Maybe he should be benching a house like a linebacker...

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He is railing the bleep out of that corner for sure! Not sure about the grey poupon colored pants

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I agree! For the life of me I cannot think of single reason to move him like that. There is zero reason to rush him to the hospital either. He can't walk on his own so they drag him away. It is shocking!!! Nothing but harm can come from it and ZERO benefit. ... more »

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Failed to deliver means not winning multiple SX titles? That label applies to every single rider on the starting line last night! That includes KR, Osborne, Bagget, Wilson, Barcia, Mookie, Savatgy, Plessinger, Hill, Tickle, MM, Seely, and on and on. ... more »

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I think the racing would be more exciting in SX on 250 2Ts. Also more affordable for every day guys to participate in the sport assuming they want to race the same bike their heroes race. Options and variety are always good. Best case the factories build ... more »

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I don't think having your elbows up or out is as big a deal as it used to be. The most important thing, imho, is having your hips flexed, which you are doing. Hips flexed gives you balance and control of the bike with your lower body while allowing your ... more »

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Top pic clearly shows Ferrandis is already in the lead and committed to his line. Now what should happen? Craig is cruising around the outside like an old lady on a Sunday drive and assumes the exit line is his. It's not so he should shut off and allow ... more »

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Wow that was awesome! I have become old and jaded but this cat is still a rock star to me! Funny and insightful. It would be cool if he did this every Sunday or Monday after every SX! SX insights from the couch or something. I wouldn't want to see him ... more »

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throwing Honda and MXA under the bus

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I have been to a few Tony D riding schools back in the day. He is a big dude, 6 ft 200 plus...but I don't think he had a mean bone in his body, so, who knows...

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O show is the guy going around taking dumps in front of people. Now that could get irritating... I met Hannah once as a fan and he was super chill and friendly. Seemed like a regular guy to me...

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I noticed his posture as well, reminds me a lot of JS7. Not a lot of wasted upper-body movement while relying on his legs to control the bike. Very smooth....