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I have been to a few Tony D riding schools back in the day. He is a big dude, 6 ft 200 plus...but I don't think he had a mean bone in his body, so, who knows...

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O show is the guy going around taking dumps in front of people. Now that could get irritating... I met Hannah once as a fan and he was super chill and friendly. Seemed like a regular guy to me...

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I noticed his posture as well, reminds me a lot of JS7. Not a lot of wasted upper-body movement while relying on his legs to control the bike. Very smooth....

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RC was interviewing JS after a SX win, at the end he said "congrats on the win, now go burn one down, you deserve it." I am pretty sure it was talked about on here. Not hard to figure out what he meant by "burn one down."

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Related to what many have said staying healthy is a big part of being better. I think sometimes Herlings confidence can overtakes his common sense. Winning by 10-15 seconds is good enough. Did anyone see this weekends photo of Prado casually adjusting ... more »

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From my experience cannabis is like a smart drug, as it will help with whatever ails you. What I am starting to wonder is why people are so adverse to the THC component. What is wrong with being high? If it makes you feel good...why not have at it? It ... more »

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Lommel is gnarly, and not the type of track Americans are used to. Prado got a hole-shot, I can't believe it.

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I wonder what they have figured out that gives them such a reliable power advantage?

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The more accurate question is could he do it better than any other human alive?

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Wow that is extremely sad to hear. Very sorry for your loss. Godspeed Sidney.

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ah geeeeez der Edith going on again...

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I think Coop has a similar competitive fire that RC had. If he gets rolling I think he could be very tough to beat.

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I have never tried it but always wondered about it. I know it would be different than moto, like less intense. I mean if you fall down its just water, right? I guess I just wonder if it is really hard to learn? I can just imagine being able to ride a ... more »

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They don't have 50cc RR bikes for kids to ride?

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Would it be come kind of cerebral badge of honor if he did?

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Would make life and going for a ride a lot easier/simpler. No air filter, no oils, no clutch, no gas, no tranny, no cables and on and on, just keep your chain adjusted/lubed and you are set to go. As for riding, they should open the door to tracks and ... more »

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You are in such a hurry to crap on someone you don't even have the facts right. He said an hour and a half, not an hour. Big difference.

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Oh yeah I get what your saying. The ole puritan work ethic. The only people worthy of respect and happiness need to look miserable! lol I would bet a lot even RC smoked a J or 2 to chill-ax. A lot of riders probably do but they just don't advertise it. ... more »

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JA seems a little bit like a surfer. He still really wants to win, but if not, he's still is being himself and having fun. Seems less likely to burn out at 26. I don't get why all the down votes? Is it for the videos or for JA? I mean he is a Supercross ... more »

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Yikes. Doing jumps like that are a sketchy deal even when you have a boat load of talent. Looks like a c-class rider trying to be Axel Hodges.