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McGrath Replica
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2019 KTM 350 SX-F
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Man thats pretty cool, Last year I picked up an EC200 pretty cheap, spent about 500 bucks thoroughly servicing it including a full suspension overhaul, mostly pulled everything apart cleaned it and gave it the bar essentials. Was a solid bike but the ... more »

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Slosh 112

probably the cycling side of their business sponsoring the team.

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All parts get sand blast before Cerakote, needs a good profile for the coating to adhere to. I use a medium grit garnet and blast at 80 psi usually.

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Got some Cerakote done, Tungsten lays down so good. I have a lot more to do on this rig.

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While I'm waiting for all my parts to arrive there isn't really much to do, so I find myself rummaging through all of the components and creating more stuff to do out of boredom, its surprising how much time I can sink into something innocuous. I could

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If you go for dyeing the OEM tank I'll be interested to see the results. I have a White Clarke tank on my RM125 and it is slowly but surely going yellow from the fuel so i want to dye it black. I've dyed a few things already on my YZ build with good ... more »

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NIce, I remember reading posts or maybe articles a few years ago that Messico pipes were very similar and with some pipes are better than the Pro Circuit, Lucky Nino on here has some really nice early 90's CR125's with Mugen kits and runs Messico pipes ... more »

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That tank cap is very cool, Will you make a tool for removing it? Seeing my friends experience with his CRM tank and its flush mount cap sometimes he has to resort to a pair of pliers to get it undone, shallow centre rip and not much leverage overall ... more »

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thats your best bet. JTR are good but i have been supplied the wrong stuff from time to time, they are always good about it tho.

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What do we think of this? (see highlighted grey) I will be running a Lectron on mine, This is off their website. Curious to see what you guys think about removing the spacer, I remember seeing somewhere that running without it the reed cage covers the

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learn how to lace your own... its not hard. stock hubs are plenty strong enough, excel takasago rims and if you need stainless spokes get Excels OEM stainless replacement kit. almost nobody needs Bulldog spokes, routine maintenance or lack there of is ... more »

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Should have zero movement. YZ and YZF hubs are the same but the YZF has a bigger diameter axle by a decent amount, do you have the original wheel sets? if so pop a seal out compare the bearings. I would get in touch with who supplied them. Where are ... more »

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what the hell with the ring pin! never seen that before, the rings close over the end of them so how could it even come out?

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Really? I thought the YZF swing arm was longer, I recall reading a few posts that it was longer, one I remember cited by 15mm, I have both still so I'll measure tomorrow. Either way it is lighter and better developed, looks way better too.

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Wow the one I am chasing (option 9) sold out already!

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Wow that EBC rotor is a tank compared to the rest. I really like that factory Yamaha 280mm round disc, I've got a Motostuff 280mm disc here I will run on mine but the round disc would suit the style so much better.

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Im not that heavy but I am also not that fast, so we will see.

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Today I got a Yamaha Ti shock spring from my mate, Its handy when your mates have had as many Yamaha's as you and have heaps of bits laying around. Its a 5.1 so hopefully it will turn out to be the right spring rate with the longer YZF swing arm because

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