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New fluid and proper bleed, new pads should be good as new, CRF mc's are good but a fair few Yamahas had 11mm Pistons in their MC's over the years, recently too.

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We will see I kind of had my heart set on the polished silver but when i get a bit more of this rig built and see which way the build has gone I will decide bronze is nice but I guess I want to be a little understated with this build. . OEM crank is ... more »

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Not anything major just little things for it, I've decided to get my WR450F supermoto back on the road first, its cylinder head is away getting work done so once that thing is sorted ill start making big moves on this rig. But anyway, first lot of serious

... more »
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Oh man! haha you got me with this one, Ive had too many arguments or "heated discussions" with old school guys about KTM/Husky Mikuni carby "problems"... First thing I ask "what ratio you running?" "what has that got to do with anything?" *rolls eyes ... more »

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Hey mate, just read the whole thread and I like your rear brake lever mod, went through the thread a few times but I didnt see you mention what year the rear brake lever is, I am keen to do the same mod for mine and will fit in with the resto mod thing ... more »

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Why do they have exhaust pipe springs on the YZ125 carb?

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So as I said in the original post the suspension is will be a massive upgrade over the stock stuff and is going to get a full rebuild and revalve, I also had a lot of stuff sent off for hard anodising. I polished the fork tubes most of the shock body.

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follow the #mid2k on instagram and @gypsytales podcast

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So I was always going to build this up nice but an Aussie podcast sort got me keen with a bit of a build off they have going for 2000 - 2010 two strokes. So this is a 2002 YZ250 that was gifted to me by my father inlaw as a thankyou for building up his

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Slosh 112

Happy to see my husky get another run in the limelight. Good photos are what makes the difference I think, get down level with the bike, set it up square on a stand, pick a nice area with good light blah blah blah the list goes on but when you get it right its worth it

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I have an 18 TC250, so far I like the AER forks and I've had them along with the shock revalved for my speed and skill and man its night and day better, but I am considering going with a K-Tech Air2Spring conversion at the end of the year. Any way there ... more »

Updated bike check VRP 18 TC250 7/19/2019 10:52 AM
VRP 18 TC250
Updated bike check VRP 18 TC250 7/19/2019 10:52 AM
VRP 18 TC250
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VRP 18 TC250
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You can see it has cracked along the original join/weld, very common.

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Seen it before on OEM rims, I've had a few TIG welded, one cracked again soon after but the other one I still have in my shelf and used daily until I converted my WRF to super moto. With the rim that cracked again I think it has more to do with the guy ... more »

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Oh man I've been looking for a Chad Reed Pro Taper bar pad for a few years now, I remember seeing them in the bike shops when I was a kid, if I could go back...

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Had all three boots and am Currently running SG12's now, they feel so much tighter and snug around the ankle over the tech 10's but I haven't tried the new Tech 10's yet. I did shatter my ankle in the SG12's but i doubt any boot would have saved me from ... more »

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I really like that Kreft PV adjuster... Not that I had too many dramas with the Mikuni but I went with a Lectron on mine, no jets just riding. I run 60:1 all day every day I had no jetting issues.

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Moving on from near death...

I got both of my frames painted in a Flexi two pack epoxy, they use this stuff on truck chassis because it can withstand a flogging. Black frames looks a lot nicer. With the frame painted and suspension ... more »