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You can see it has cracked along the original join/weld, very common.

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Seen it before on OEM rims, I've had a few TIG welded, one cracked again soon after but the other one I still have in my shelf and used daily until I converted my WRF to super moto. With the rim that cracked again I think it has more to do with the guy ... more »

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Oh man I've been looking for a Chad Reed Pro Taper bar pad for a few years now, I remember seeing them in the bike shops when I was a kid, if I could go back...

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Had all three boots and am Currently running SG12's now, they feel so much tighter and snug around the ankle over the tech 10's but I haven't tried the new Tech 10's yet. I did shatter my ankle in the SG12's but i doubt any boot would have saved me from ... more »

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I really like that Kreft PV adjuster... Not that I had too many dramas with the Mikuni but I went with a Lectron on mine, no jets just riding. I run 60:1 all day every day I had no jetting issues.

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Moving on from near death...

I got both of my frames painted in a Flexi two pack epoxy, they use this stuff on truck chassis because it can withstand a flogging. Black frames looks a lot nicer. With the frame painted and suspension ... more »
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We were towing this camper in the background behind a 4wd and not really sure how it happened but it pulled us around on the highway, we rolled a few times and finished upside down on the other side of the road facing the way we came. Then ... more »
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After a few races at the start of the year, surviving a rollover on the highway on our way home from a race and then a few months in the shed while I was off injured I started planning the refresh build for it. First was to strip it down and see how

... more »
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that's exactly why the shorty is on the shelf and the Powercore is on the bike now. i didn't like how snappy the shorty made it and the power core makes it more torquey off the bottom rather than wanting to launch me.

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Could you post a pic from behind showing the gap from the muffler to the inside of the right side number plate please? My big frustration with aftermarket plastics (at least my experience with my last two kits) has been even if your order a an RM125 ... more »

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Thanks! I do a fair few graphics kits and to be honest Motocal has really good templates and their material almost the best I've used. There are a few things I can't do on their site that I would like to, the latest kit I designed on Motocal and sent ... more »

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Cheers mate! The nuts are from Pro Bolt everything else is from Race Ti.

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what pre mix ratio you guys running?

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Nice! i just posted a belated build thread for my own 18 TC250 and here I see another haha! Have you cut out the battery tray in the airbox? I haven't yet.

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So bought this bike in mid 2017, I had it pre ordered in July and had to wait nearly 2 months for it to get to my dealer. Its the second new bike I've bought but I'm far happier with this one than I am with the last one (2013 YZ450F) but never the less

... more »

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Nice, check your reed cage. I had a V-Force 4 before I had my bike because of the issues I read about the petals not seating properly, mine had a big gap from brand new. But mines an 18 model so maybe they have sorted it.

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Can't be that bad can it? couple of hundred bucks on some new tyres, bearings, Service the suspension and maybe a fresh top end, give it a service and send it!

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I had the Magura set up on my 13 YZ450F, was one of the best things I ever did. Not quite as light as a Husky or a KTM but still better than the cable. Less maintenance too, don't have to keep oiling the cable. I never had an issue with it slipping or ... more »

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Wow that is very strange to break a power valve like that?

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Ok very long time between posts, new job, new house and amongst all that two friends and I have started our own Motocross suspension & mechanical business. But with jobs coming through the door with relative regularity I thought its was probably

... more »