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First time was last year for me. Great event cant wait to go back down this year. Track was inane rough. Cheers

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two orders ago it was a disaster, last one was on awesome. OnTrac is by far the worst shipping company!

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E street is open wed/sat/sun 9-2 Riverfront Tuesday/thursday nights and sundays 9-2 Prairie city(hangtown) Thursdays/Sat/Sun 9-2 REP Racing hotline -17752657223 I second E street is great. MMX Hotline- 15304195200 Cheers

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Signed. It’s at 124k.

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Same for me, but if I want to sell, Does the MSO serve as 'Pink slip in Hand' as you often see on MX Sales? Thank you.

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+1 on the EZ Pyramid. Good addition to the pit setup.Cheers

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Was just thinking the same thing. Wish we could get actual numbers for sx/mx attendance.

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MMX should be open. Fish opens even if it’s a little sloppy. Call the hotline and check his social media stuff. He has been fairly consistent on updating these days. We have a good thing going up here these days. Plenty of tracks to Moto down on if old ... more »

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I have seen them 1-2 times the last few years. Most recently we drove over to Reno, NV to watch them. I highly recommend you go check them out. Incredible live performance and they play a long set.

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Been riding with contacts for ever, had to go to glasses for a few weeks a few months ago, tried to ride, almost killed myself. My depth perception was way off. It was strange. I would recommend like others to trial fit contacts to what is comfortable. ... more »

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Factory Backing has been great for me. Customer service is top notch. You have a million options no doubt about that.

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Another vote for Atlas air.

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I have my stock 2017 springs with 10hours on them if your still looking?

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Normally see him at the local tracks but haven't the last 2 months or so, was wondering the same thing on where he has been.

Added reply in a thread Spy and dragon done with mx 1/22/2019 9:35 PM

Long time Spy sunglass and goggle customer I was bummed to read this when it came out. I reached out to them and they adamantly denied pulling out of Moto and said they have multiple new color ways in the Foundation goggle this year. Hope that stays ... more »

Liked a comment on the item First Look: ProTaper SELA Start Device 1/18/2019 8:37 AM

Awesome, biggest complaint with the WC holeshot device, I'd race alone and have to have a person on the line help me.

Added reply in a thread Just one more reason Rocky Mountain kills the Dealers 1/14/2019 10:39 PM

It’s the worst. Couldn’t agree with you guys more. But when my local dealer doesn’t stock simple sprocket bolts your forced to shop elsewhere. cheers

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Just re watched the race, I was there live but didn't happen to see Webb do it second to last lap. Full send. Loved that feature. Hope that is a sign of great tracks this season. Cheers.

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Im halfway through, its good and well ran, audio sounds good. Really cool to here about how racing was back then. I subscribed, add it to my library or podcasts. Cool to relate to Ping on the fire service side of things. Happy Listening. Cheers.

Added reply in a thread Cole Seely New Goggles Sponsor? 12/21/2018 6:43 AM

Im definitely on the minority up here in NorCal running my Spy MX goggles. Seems like FLOW vision, 100% and scott are the popular ones up here. The Omen and new Foundation are pretty good IMO. Seely was a long time guy on Spy, guess everyone changes ... more »