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Cant and won't knock the above as those are great products. My 0.02; I have been running MIKA chain and sprockets without issues. I use the hybrid rear sprocket and it lasts forever. Doesn't hurt that they are a great family ran business that supports ... more »

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He is splitting the cases to find the rest of the shrapnel. One can hope we are done finding damage! funny thing, happened the same spot where yours blew. Will be back soon, hope to see you out there.

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Have learned a ton from 160 pages of this thread. Thought I would share what happened to me last weekend. Main shaft bearing came apart on me while riding E street here in Northern California. My friend Tom Lamson is taking care of me for repair. Wife

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Once again fire season kills my chances of making this event. Hope to make one of these soon, nothing but solid reviews from friends who have gone. Cheers

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Thanks Dan. With that said, what are you running? Your bikes are always on point. Cheers

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Thanks for the replies. What happened was: I replaced the steel/fibers with a Hinson pack. I didn’t take out the judder with didn’t leave it with enough clearance. Took them out and it’s as fresh as it gets. thanks again for the replies, rookie move ... more »

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X2 with this. I had LASIK done 1.5 months ago and it’s been life changing is an understatement. Everyone is diff but to me it was worth the investment multiple times over.

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Replacing my clutch in 19 KX450. Using Hinson clutch pack. Oem springs. Put it all back together and when I start it, put it in gear it stalls. First hydro clutch, I’m obviously missing something. Thanks in advance, cheers

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2019 KX 450
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I was there. Helped push it off the track. Just fortunate it happened where it happened. Cheers

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I have a few Cameras, the 8 is fantastic, I like the touch screen and user interface is easy. I see myself going in waves on using and editing. Like I'm sure most, its time consuming editing you're footage once you upload it to your computer. What software ... more »

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Pulpmx just posted it to his Instagram account.

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I have always been a two set of wheels guy. Right now I have 2 sets of OEM that works well just due to the fact i got the second set for so cheap. If I didn't have that option I would be giving the Tusk a look even though thats not the cool option, or ... more »

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Another vote for the Mobius brace with history of a scaphoid fracture years ago. Although I haven’t wore another wrist brace to compare it to I’m very happy with the way this fits, and the adjustability. It allows you to adjust the extension with a turn ... more »

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Race! Trans am Vet Classic, Fire/Police series. Vet Worlds and hopeful some local NorCal stuff. See you there. Cheers to a healthy 2020.

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Looks rad. What was the process?

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Just saw that Maxxis Tires is having 35% off tires thru their website. Saw it on Instagram via Jeremymcgraths page Cheers.

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I got 0% apr for 12 months financing for a new kawi 1.5 months ago. The interest goes up to 10.99 (I think) after the 12 months is up and interest will only be on the remaining balance not retro to amount financed.. Pretty cool for Kawasaki/citi bank ... more »

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Price, pictures and hours? Thanks

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This topic seems too forever be in question. Some great points on each side on this post. I for one wear an Atlas neck brace for multiple reason. I was curious if there has been a case of someone suffering a significant spinal injury while wearing a ... more »