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Reply to DV has his s*** figured out 3/27/2019 3:49 PM

Good for him. He’s still annoying to listen to on pulp. Not surprised he’s

Reply to Your Vital Name 3/26/2019 12:04 PM

Slamfest cause of how I treat your moms. 420 for the pot I smoke. And 69 for my favorite position.

Reply to JG33 Swapmoto video 3/16/2019 9:43 AM

Why did my comment get deleted stating that grant is bland and boring and they should keep his ass on the couch?

Reply to Yamaha Fill-in 3/9/2019 11:34 PM

James Stewart

Reply to Huge Tomac Fan: Super Bummed/Disappointed After Tonight’s Race... 3/9/2019 10:59 PM

Still got more likes than you twat gunk

Reply to APless 3/9/2019 9:11 PM

Compound tib fib

Reply to Huge Tomac Fan: Super Bummed/Disappointed After Tonight’s Race... 3/9/2019 9:01 PM

You sound like a fucking idiot

Reply to Facebook find of the day 3/7/2019 8:56 AM

Going off of the peg relocation, ama tag, factory suzuki motor mounts, and factory triple clamps he may be telling the truth. lol made you look

Reply to Vegas KDub 9/23/2018 1:30 PM

I have the utmost respect for Watson. Shows a lot of character to be able to say he’s working on being a better person, not judging people like he used to. Guys a roll model to me. And this is coming from someone who 3 years ago would fast forward past ... more »

Reply to Carmichael, Tedesco, and Pastrana Jerseys for sale 9/22/2018 12:59 PM

Missing the point homeboi. He’s criticizing his lack of detail descriptions, not the cost.

Reply to Seely - Honda 2019 9/21/2018 6:40 PM

I’m more surprised no one has mentioned his smoke show of a GF Danielle.

Reply to Move along nothing here 9/12/2018 9:15 PM

There was another thread about this last week

Reply to NSFW 9/12/2018 2:18 PM

OP sounds like a faggot to me

Reply to Riders that coulda, woulda 9/11/2018 9:26 PM

PJ Larsen

Reply to Finding Stew: Part 2 9/3/2018 6:45 PM

Shoulda built that quad.

Reply to Premier 450 rides given without a 250 title 9/3/2018 2:27 PM

You sound like an idiot

Reply to Dungey fires back at Villopoto! 8/31/2018 3:48 PM

pics or gtfo im lazy

Reply to STOLEN: Alex Ray’s YZ450F 8/31/2018 3:48 PM

the A-Ray saga continues.