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Zacho is one of my favs, I love his story and I'm super glad to hear he is racing.

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I'm honestly considering one for a hare scramble bike. I love my rmz250 for mx, but I'm not a big guy and find it heavy for extended trail riding.

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Next season.

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I looked it up and it's a full 1.5 inches lower than a yz125. Kinda surprised me, might have to look at one of these in my future.

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AJ Cantanzaro shows how he breaks in boots on one of his latest videos, I think it was Atlanta 2 part 1. Basically wedges his toes under a truck tire and stretches them back as far as possible.

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Blair is awesome and I'm glad he gets the opportunity.

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Mcadoo is such a likable guy. Holy crap that was impressive. Justin sounded like a whiner with that distracted talked. I mean come on, the other guy literally got face to face with the dirt at high speed.

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I went to the race and wasn't very excited about it, but man this 7 year old kid behind me was losing his shit over it. He thought it was the greatest thing in the history of great things.

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It's looking that way.

regardless I'll be out there with my family and a bunch of ponchos.
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I was lucky enough to watch this in person and it made me a Webb fan for sure.

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I ride an rmz250 and most of my life I've been 120lbs and 5'7". The bike seemed to toss me around a lot, but my endurance seemed good and I could hang on long enough. A couple of years ago I got into lifting and went up to 160lbs. I found I rode a ton ... more »

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I had a lot of fun in High school riding with friends nearly every day. But honestly I'm having a ton more fun now that I'm in my late 30's. I have two kids currently riding and my daughter starting next week. I love seeing their excitement when we load

... more »
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This is the way.

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I'm honestly excited about electric bikes only because we've had so many local tracks close because of noise issues. If that fixes the problem and more tracks stay open, sign me up!

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I'm an Art Director making video games for a large entertainment company. Basically guide the look of the art and paint some when I can. Been doing it for 20 years for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, etc. I love it! combines both art and video ... more »

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Hey! And welcome to Atlanta. Some great spots to ride. We have Durhamtown, Highland Park, Monster Mountain isn't too far. There is also a lot of smaller track like calhoun MX, ScrubnDirt MX, Talking Rock Arena, and a handful more. Plus there are lots ... more »

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It's pretty much straight west from Marietta/North Atlanta in Cedartown.

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Highland park is pretty good. That's where I usually ride. It lies west of atlanta.