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I had a lot of fun in High school riding with friends nearly every day. But honestly I'm having a ton more fun now that I'm in my late 30's. I have two kids currently riding and my daughter starting next week. I love seeing their excitement when we load

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This is the way.

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I'm honestly excited about electric bikes only because we've had so many local tracks close because of noise issues. If that fixes the problem and more tracks stay open, sign me up!

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I'm an Art Director making video games for a large entertainment company. Basically guide the look of the art and paint some when I can. Been doing it for 20 years for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, etc. I love it! combines both art and video ... more »

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Hey! And welcome to Atlanta. Some great spots to ride. We have Durhamtown, Highland Park, Monster Mountain isn't too far. There is also a lot of smaller track like calhoun MX, ScrubnDirt MX, Talking Rock Arena, and a handful more. Plus there are lots ... more »

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It's pretty much straight west from Marietta/North Atlanta in Cedartown.

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Highland park is pretty good. That's where I usually ride. It lies west of atlanta.

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Really glad to hear this. Only recently got into Endurocross but it is so much fun!

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same height, same inseam. I got an rmz 250 and it fits just right.

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Dang, bummed to hear this. I've picked up three bikes from their Marietta location. Always had a great experience and ended up with a great OTD price on my dirt bikes, less so on my street bike.

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How many threads have there been about the boring post race interviews? And how Tomac or (Insert whatever rider name) has no personality whatsoever. Yeah Herlings sounds a bit like a jerk, but damn it sure as hell is entertaining!

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Not sure what this mean for GA, but if it helps grow motocross here in any way I'm all for it!

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I got sick of the duct tape and started wearing one of these. Does a great job with the chaffing and it actually works pretty well to keep cool.

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If a kid is interested in a gaming career, I'd recommend learning to program or becoming an Artist and making of career of game development instead. I currently work in the Game Industry as an Art Director. Been doing in for 15 years and have worked ... more »

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MX is my first love, but the things that Jarvis does on a bike are absolutely mind blowing. Probably the best all around rider in the world.

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Graham Jarvis But purely MX. Stewart.

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Adam will always be a great dude to me. Was awesome as hell to my 6 year old at his first supercross a few years ago.

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I don't know what they are doing differently but I've never had OEM graphics get destroyed as fast as the KTM's. My son's '18 65 graphics starting coming apart after the first ride. Love the bike though.