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I tried to make an old front wheel from a yz125 fit my 21 250f. Does not work, hub is different, I have extra bearings now at least lol. I did get a rear wheel from a 2010 450 to fit, all I had to do was turn like .200" off the brake rotor outer diameter. ... more »

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Im with falcon: RUN! Don't pay a dime over 500

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Black Suzukis is my guess

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Idk if I'd say the Honda chassis was that much better than the RM or YZ. They all have an older feel to them, the motor lets the stock 02+s down for sure though.

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RK for sure does receipt testing before they pay for the materials.

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07+ zooks were good too. I had an 07 that happily did 300 hours. The real king of durability were the carb yzfs.

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Cant get the goddam spring off this thing. What is the secret? The manual makes it look like the bumper can come out of its seat but mine wont budge. Do I need a spring compressor?

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I grew up on yz250s, but rode 125/250f the last few years. Rode a 17 TC250 at a tighter track a month ago, scared me in 2nd gear. Decided to just leave it in 3rd the whole track and it was pretty manageable. Some guys need to try shifting up before they ... more »

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What are the chances that KTM can't even get a bike in the top 5 for 450 outdoors this year? Seems pretty high right now. edit:forgot about Barcia, besides him though

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I bought my arai a size too small and never really liked it for that reason. Would probably dig an xl but the 150$ bell mx9 fits better in L than the arai does, also can buy 4 of them for the price of one arai.

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This actually sucks and you guys need to ride an 80 or supermini again. My dad built up a kx80 for big guys back in the day. I was maybe 20 at the time and tried riding the local mx track, it was gnarly even to jump the smallest doubles. More fun on ... more »

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Sent my suspension out for revalve/spring. .49 fork spring, thing is stiff! Sag is right around 104 on what I believe to be the stock spring. Feeling harshness from fork, but it isnt worse than before, just much higher in the stroke now. Bike feels like ... more »

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Anyone tried the desert IT for hardpack moto? My local track is like a gravel driveway, hard in spots and light duff in others. Can smoke an x20 in like 8 hours. Have another set of wheels I want to set up for practicing with, can't decide on a decent, ... more »

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I bought a 21, then borrowed a 20 while waiting for suspension to come back. Took me a little while to get used to it but this bike is incredible. Around the 15 hr mark it started to make sense, doesn't take a ton of body english to ride these. I just ... more »

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The YZ250 still comes with solid mounted clamps, and its a 2 stroke. I'm gonna get some aluminum cones and see if it actually bothers me, always thought the rubber mounts were overkill on the 4 strokes. Everyone buying these mako360 clamps too, what's ... more »

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I had a buddy that used to do this in modern 4 strokes. He was a really good moto mechanic, said 'you can never have enough lube' His bikes always hold up well.

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Do you guys want to buy some paintball stuff from the late 2000s? I have a really nice promaster and an evil omen I'd be happy to let go for cheap. Just sick of seeing them and would be cool to know they went to someone that would enjoy them.

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I use the twin air wash cover and spray out the airbox every time I wash, seems to help. This filter is really not as bad as some people make it out to be. If you remove the radiator shrouds it makes it pretty foolproof.

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Idk if we can safely blame this on filter maintenance. It's not totally impossible for a rod to let go at 30 hours, I saw this happen before on an 09 yz250f.

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I guess you could argue that the dirt in southern WA is ok. The rest of the state is a gravel pit though.