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I own a 2022 450RS. I like a lot of things about it, ergonomically super dialed, runs really good mid to top, whips better than my yz250f. The mapping is pretty bad at low rpms which makes carrying 3rd in tight corners difficult & 2nd gear is a herky ... more »

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I pull the slide every time, its not that bad but yea could definitely be easier lol.

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Several of the ladies were sending that jump, almost the last moto of the day, one of them came up short first try and it looked gnarly

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Be careful what you wish for! I got a new 110 last year for a good price, broke hell out of my wrist just riding it down a powerline road. I grew up riding 110s, they bite sometimes as you get older.

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He was ridin Suzuki when he got landed on by like 30 people, I think had the biggest impact on his career.

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If you are really hung over, it will help ALOT. You dont need much.

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Anyone else notice how Elis head stays perfectly in line with his body? I see it all the time when he hits a rut on tv, it looks kinda weird. Does/has any other pro really corner like this? I know I dont, I feel like almost everyone does it like chase ... more »

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To the guys saying "he's got plenty of money". Do you honestly know anyone who in their own opinion has plenty of money right now? It doesnt work like that. Everybody has a price.

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Im not totally opposed to gypsy and his style. Sleeter is, at least to me, one of the hardest guys to listen to in moto.

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Few red flags there. 1. took pictures with bike still wet 2. Carb hoses routed incorrectly, plus what looks like vinyl fuel hose 3.tusk billet parts Might be nice bike but its unlikely. I know Im not explaining all this stuff adequately, but Ive been ... more »

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Kawasaki KDX Hybrid
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This one worked for me in bentonville. Bag is overweight so I checked it at the gate and no one weighed it.

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This is all gold

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Im gettin it fixxed asap, thanks guys

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Got a splint at ER. Moving so didnt schedule with ortho yet. Who thinks it will just heal on its own? that's what i wanna hear lol

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2006 kx250
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The last time this happened was almost 10 years ago. I think that's why everyone taking this more seriously.

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I replaced the steering bearings on my 2020 klx110l with a cartridge style bearing kit. Works fine except I can't quite seem to get the whole assembly tight enough. Took it back apart yesterday and it appears to be assembled correctly. I have the top ... more »

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That's usually the only gear that doesnt break in a yz!