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I had a buddy that did this and the thing turned sideways after a few rides, pretty funny but it sucked for him lol. Use a decent glue, super 77 probably the ticket

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I remember a push for hydrogen cars in california like 15 years ago. Arnold was driving a hydrogen suburban around, I think more than half of the interior was used for a fuel cell.

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At least Bogle and Bmays were fast!

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NEW riders pushed for E start, the core of the sport never wanted it. No, really KTM could not figure out how to make a 4 stroke fire up so they just used a battery, writing was on the wall once ralph sheheen picked up on it.

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I still having nightmares about racing arenacross on my yz250 and having to use first gear in most of the turns. Hit neutral a lot. Had a 13 tooth counter sprocket back in my garage and didnt think to bring it lol.

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It was always my understanding that the KTM was faster if it had a pipe and silencer. My brother had a 2011 250SX with PC pipe and we did some testing at the dunes. Thing just out pulled my YZ uphill, we were hitting a 3rd gear step down out of a corner ... more »

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The CRF 50 has had a finger follower drivetrain this whole time.

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My local shop carries Regina chain. Any opinions? I threw one on my 125 about 20 hrs ago and have to say Im not super impressed.


Don't worry about the bad reviews, all healthcare professionals get one eventually. Think about urban millennial moms and just how impossible they are to please.

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Im not even a computer guy and this seems suspect. What exactly degrades in a PC over two years? I had a Dell XPS laptop for over ten years and it never let me down, played computer games on it and stuff.

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I've spent some time on a fairly stock 2000 yz250 (had a pipe), and thyen like 500+ hours on an 06+ with a pipe. Very similar engine character but I guess the 2000 was more mellow. This 2000 had the newer SSS stuff as well, it was a sweet bike and I ... more »

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It does my heart good to hear KTM still makes a bike like this. I can remember when all of their bikes were this temperamental.

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All of my two strokes have done this, and I have had some dialed bikes and I don't suck that bad. Even if you run them hard, it's difficult to burn all the premix.

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They used to be popular with the vet guys at my local track growing up. I would ride these guys bikes occasionally and I could hardly tell. Might feel a little weird if you're doing a big scrub or whip but that was not my jam at the time lol.

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What do you think? Last one I rode was a 2011 amd it blew the doors of my yz250 power wise.

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Those HF comp testers can be wildly inaccurate. I say test the bike that runs good as well to be sure.

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There is spec in manual for the up/down rod play, should be some of that.

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A marts bike looked as good as the Geico Hondas last summer, at least power wise they seemed about even.

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You guys haven't spent enough time in the composites industry. Expect to wait 6 years next time.

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I had a buddy that went through a few subframes on an old crf250, the aftermarket ones were junk. This guy crashed a lot though.