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I can personally tell you that I bought and paid for two of these throttles myself. I am in no way endorsed by ZRTHROTTLE. . . I have built many local Championship winning bikes. I have built bikes for Pro racers who race nationals and supercross. Built ... more »

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Doubtful, was just a fun thing to do. He raced 2017 mx338 national on a 250sx and ran inside the top 20 for fun once also. Never met the kid, but he's a true bad ass up here in New England!

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The carb boot isn't even all the way on....

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KEIHIN CARB PWK38 6.0 SLIDE NECJ NEEDLE MIDDLE POSITION 180 MAIN 42 PILOT-V-FORCE 40 PILOT -STOCK REEDS 2 TURNS OUT Stop screwin' around with jetting that shitty mikuni. I have a 19 tc250 same motor and it made it run 500 times better!

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I can tell you most of those kids are good friends of mine. The energy in the room when Elliot released it to all of us was unreal. I had never been apart of such an awesome community. There was probably 60 people screaming and yelling with such excitement ... more »

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That bike looks familiar, was it from the Museum in Connecticut?

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Looks like one of two things, a cylinder out of round, or like a DC size piston in an AB cylinder. Or a spark plug tip broke off and bounced around and that's why the guy sold it.

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No wonder the bikes don't ever receive any updates!

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Alex Harvill went 425 foot. Would be embarrassing to jump anything less than 400 feet imo. With the technology of bikes this day there should ... more »

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Looking on some insight on a scissor lift. I run a normal lift now "table style" but it takes up too much room in the shop. Looking for the scissor lift style but not sure which one to get. MOTOSPORT makes a really nice one but I'm not a big fan of how

... more »

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I haven't heard anything good about those Tokyo mods remapped ecus. They don't make good numbers on the dyno... Seat of the pants you can't really tell much. With My rockstar edition I had it dynotuned with the stock ecu using the USER SETTING TOOL and ... more »

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7900600100033 is the part number you need. You're welcome.

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I have an 18.5 Rockstar edition. I can say, it's pretty hard to get big numbers reliably out of these bikes. Getting your ECU re-mapped is a waste of time and money. Those companies just send you a standardized map that has literally no change from the ... more »

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usually like 30-40 for a 3 angle, and 50-60 for a 5 angle per seat. Tim at X-PRO in Andover Connecticut is the best place to send it.

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The clutch on the 19 modulates way better due to the dds style spring. I personally can tell the difference between 18 and 19. The 19 jetting is way better out of the box as well. Just my .02$. I'd get the 19 for the simple fact of resale value, why ... more »

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how many lugs do I want on this paddle tire?

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I'm from the east coast trying to plan out a trip to GLAMIS. I know there are certain times of the year to head there that are better than others. So if anyone out west can give me some advice it would be much appreciated!! -Time of year? -Where to stay? ... more »

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I am Chris's Mechanic, He is most Definitely not a JDAY rippa. He's been racing motocross for almost 20 years. He's won multiple NESC championships in the EXPERT class. Kid is a true New England Ripper. You'll see his name at Red Bud, Budds Creek, Ironman, ... more »

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Masterpool will have his hands full with Barnaby and Ainsworth. Lorusso put a whooping on most of that class last weekend at the MX338 Vet championship. Southwick is the only track on the circuit where you are racing to beat the locals that's for sure! ... more »

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Put it in the corner, let it sit with a blanket. It costs way to much to re-invest to get back into it if you decide to ride again. Sorry to hear about your brother, Just remember everything happens for a reason.