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Best track in that area is SPYDER MX which is about an hour 20 west. Orlando is hit or miss depending on if they have the water truck running. Pax is awful I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. The owner is a complete butt puppet and will tell you he's ... more »

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DNA Is by far the worst vendor I've had to deal with. Their customer service is by far non existing. I cringe every time I have to call them. Last time I called I threatened to burn their building down, and asked for the owner. My problem was not resolved ... more »

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From what I was told Factory connection does not "re-valve" or spring it for the correct weight as it comes from wp. The Best bang for your buck is to go through Billy at Powerband. He will correctly spring it for you before it's sent to the customer. ... more »

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With all the useless posts on this page I'm surprised there wasn't a thread started about Dunlop's new MX33... Who's gonna be the first to provide feedback? I heard this tire was exclusively tested at the JS7 compound to ensure proper sidewall resistance

... more »

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I have personally assembled JBONE modified engines. His two stroke work is absolute perfection. +1 for Josh.

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The stupid is strong in this post. Clearly they were unprepared. Yes that was twice as long as it needed to take. But give credit to the mechanic who is stressing on trying to figure out what is wrong with his rider who is in the points lead of an ama ... more »

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I would patiently wait. Seeing as they took a battery out of a brand new bike for another customer to keep that customer happy it shows the dealership is willing to do anything they can to help the situation at the time being. Unfortunately you are at ... more »

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... more »
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... more »
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Ceramic bearings are only more efficient after 15,000 rpms. That is the absolute peak of a modern day four stroke.

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For the 450SX-F it was. 2011 was the first year they introduced linkage, and a completely different body work/frame design. But if you're trying to be a wise guy they still make PDS style bikes to this day.

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The frame guards and skid plate are like needles in a haystack! Nice find!

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The Microfiche has been available for weeks now. It came out the day the bike was released!

Attached is a picture from my Dealer site. You can see that ordering certain pieces can be difficult. I.e. anything like shrouds, seats, and decals. ... more »
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I was beating myself up trying to find it. I wanted to show someone, but basically I thought that bike was in production. I was unaware they converted a 250r. Thank you!

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Did you recently write an article about riding a 2018 CRF250RX? I could have sworn I saw an article, and I was like 90% sure you wrote it. And now I can't seem to find it! If you did can you please attach a link?! Please and thank you!

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Here is the link Jeffro, I'm sorry it's actually $29

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Webb has a rekluse in his bike... Hence why he never stalled. His lack of performance was not held back by a measly clutch lever... Mic Drop....

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I saw about 100 of those, but didn't like the idea of drilling a big hole in my parts washer for a heating element. It took quite a while to find something submersible that would get the water hot enough. My next addition is going to be adding a remote ... more »