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Seems to be a lot of justifying going on in this review. An $1100 exhaust should not need reusing of standard hardware and if anything should come with nothing but titanium hardware of its own. A smidge over two pounds weight saving is hardly anything to crow about especially consider the cost and to top it off it made the bike rev slower. Oh dear.

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Still, even titanium, prices are way to high. Let's not forget about a full 2 stroke exhaust costing less than 300-350 bucks. So triple the money to save weight that was not there on a 2 stroke. The crappy part of all this is to be...more

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The electrical revolution is not as close as you might think. Alta had a decent alternative but clearly take-up was not enough to stop the company from closing its doors (for the time being) and the newest attempt at bringing electric to the masses from ... more »

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I hope you've never broken a speed limit/traffic law and if you have you handed yourself in to the police to be fined/prosecuted because, you know, rules are rules and must be blindly followed and you are fully aware of those rules/laws when you (signed ... more »

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Derek, you are a TM dealer is that correct? If that is right any chance you can provide a 250F for the Vital MX 250F shootout? It's about time the TM brand was featured in Vital's shootouts and it was disappointing not to see (again) the TM 450F in the ... more »

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An excerpt taken from In December of 2017, the all-new World Enduro Super Series (WESS) was announced. A newly formed organization out of Austria announced it was stringing together a group of the popular events to form a new world championship—a ... more »

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Villa FV 125 Fuel Injection Written Monday, November 5, 2018 at 10:13. What a bomb, when on a normal Sunday discover through the social channels that the old brand from Motocross now in disuse gets back to making a new bike, cheers you

... more »
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WADA had caffeine on their banned substance list and are in the process of determining whether to reinstate it. A natural compound found in coffee beans, tea, cocoa beans and added into many foods and drinks, a compound readily consumed by the human ... more »

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The human population has grown and with it the stupid population as well. The constant reinventing by the bicycle industry of components like bottom brackets for example is so the industry can sell this "new, improved" tech for outrageous prices and ... more »

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All that money and RnD invested by the manufacturers into launch and traction control on today's motocross bikes to make the perfect start when all they needed was a little contraption like this holeshot device. All the posts I've seen on this site complaining ... more »

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Star Racing Yamaha were using it in supercross you say, did they discard during the nationals? I think whatever Jorge Prado had on his bike during MXdN would be the thing to use, he seems to be a holeshot King.

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Silence the critics they most certainly did extending a big middle finger to those that doubted them, and to think Marvin could have been a part of that triumph but chose instead to watch it on tv.

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Aye and some were on 250's, regardless of outcomes and upsets it was some ruddy good racing when all is said and done. Roll on next year.

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Searle's with BOS for 2019 and teammate to Evgeny Bobryshev, still on Kawasaki though.

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1.7oz of petroleum jelly is $1.67 at Walmart for all that butthurt your feeling. You're embarrassing yourself and this great nation with the nonsense you're expressing on these MXdN forum posts. Europe, Britain and Australia handed the USA its ass at ... more »

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Watching Prado it makes me think of all the threads and posts on Vital asking if a 250 is enough or "do I need more cc" or those saying "I need to get an exhaust/cams/ecu tune for my 450" and so on and so forth. Still, they're spending money and keeping ... more »

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So that's two years in a row that a Dixon Kawasaki has taken a shit on Tommy Searle's MXdN and in the process shit on team GB, Tommy must be glad he is off to another team next year. Such a good ride from Tommy gone in a puff of smoke.

Added reply in a thread British Man Trapped for 40 Years 10/4/2018 12:16 PM Seems like he was free to come and go but a bit retarded perhaps and taken advantage of by gypos.

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Yep, I came across similar info while trying to find out why the Dutch round of MXGP wasn't being aired after the previous round also wasn't broadcast live on MotorsportTV. What a bunch of A grade wank stains the new owners Motorsport Network are for ... more »