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An excerpt below from the link provided by Monte122. Sounds like this"woman" has much to answer for. How many of you out there think that Canada as a country is a bit of a pushover? My buddy Zeb said it best a few weeks back and it stands true ... more »

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It is nothing to do with superstition and everything to do with money. It is a marketing and merchandise strategy for the rider, something to sell to the masses - like the whole VR46 yellow brigade nonsense you see in MotoGP. Marc Marquez running his ... more »

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Yet Husqvarna whom share the same frame do not appear to suffer these failures. Regardless, this has been happening to modern KTM's too often now, especially when you consider that KTM are using what is meant to be a high quality steel.

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A spot-on analysis of the situation and what is clearly an ill-thought-out rule book. Your mention of asphalt racing brings up the incident at Mugello between Rossi and Mir which resulted in both riders going off track through the gravel and resulting ... more »

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British accent?? That is a very Australian sounding British accent. Anyway, Will Christien -

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"As long as the motor is 125cc and the bike is in good shape it should be race eligible." Hear,hear.

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So are you ok with Chaparral Motorsports (an Vital MX advertising partner) supporting this "petty" event?

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Rea showing his class and why he is a four times world champ and slaying the mighty V4 Ducati at their home track. Bautista can consider himself fortunate that Davies encountered bike trouble and retired or else it would have been a third place. A shame ... more »

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$17.99! You've been ripped off - $15.99 here and more sizes and options as well. Go for it.

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Race one will now be run on Sunday and replace the sprint race and starting positions will now be as they are after qualifying. How very fucking convenient for Spanish rider Bautista that the Sports Director Gregorio Lavilla (Spanish) of this Dorna/Spanish ... more »

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You're more than welcome to start your own threads proclaiming how wonderful our sport is and that nothing is wrong and that no change is needed.

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What is the point of having Lisa Leyland as a pitlane reporter? Ferris has to retire from race 2 because of a crash (with a suspected knee injury a result of said crash) and not a word of it on the broadcast. Shouldn't this be Lisa's job to find out ... more »

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Seeing as this circus has the FIM status of World Championship maybe AMA supercross should do as other world championships do during a yellow flag/red cross flag incident and that is display a green flag once riders are clear of said incident and into ... more »

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Good to see Timothy back to something like his best but that race was boring until the last handful of laps when Cairoli decided to put on a charge, and third place 52 seconds behind??! that is terrible. What on earth have the other riders being doing ... more »

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Another! KTM frame break. KTM need to be taken to the cleaners on this by each countries respective trading standards authorities. All these frame failures are not down to bad luck or rider error/mis-use of machinery especially when you see photographic ... more »

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"The track is not the same from start to finish." Correct, it is considerably better due to the amount of rubber that has been put down by the cars during the racing weekend. Also the weight difference between a fuel laden F1 car at the start of race ... more »

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Possible solutions: Revert graphics card/s to previous versions or, turn off pc, unplug display port/HDMI cable. Turn on PC and plug cables back in. This video may be of some help.

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Drug money via weed, I mean CBD products. Maybe even money from other kinds of drugs. Weren't there commercials for products to cure an undesired flaccid male appendage during the last round of Supercross? Yeah, drug money, that's where the funds will ... more »

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I thought the Leatt neck brace was for that purpose. No?

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Never heard of Aria helmets. Arai on the other hand would learn from that malfunction and adjust design/manufacturing to ensure the best they could that would not happen again. The concept might be the same as cars but then vehicle manufactures have ... more »