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If motocross bikes were fitted with Bose's electromagnetic system motocross and supercross would end as we currently know it.

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Dorna will do as they are told indirectly by WADA. When former MotoGP rider Anthony West tested positive back in 2013 after consuming energy drink Mesomorph (which had a banned substance in it) Dorna handed out the punishment - disqualified from his ... more »

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It's worse than that, corruption abound it would seem - INSIGHT: Monterey County sham, article from

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So it wasn't a rumor then just an out and out lie. I would think KTM/RedBull would want to have a word with those responsible for that article, maybe via a legal team seeing as one of their prominent sportsmen was slandered.

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No, but it does seem rights holder Dorna (rights holder of MotoGP as well) appear to be doing what they can to keep the popularity of WSBK to a minimum to prevent the GP's v WSBK "war" of the 90's when superbike racing was more popular than what is now ... more »

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Coal and oil? Those two "dirty" natural resources that will be used to provide power to charge the batteries in this "environmentally friendly" monstrosity. There is nothing futuristic about this design - origami has been around for centuries.

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I see Honda GDR Racing had this same bike for sale back in August, September (see their twitter page) showing the same pictures as used at the start of this thread. Even Steve Matthes' linking the GDR bike sale on his twitter page.

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Yes we get it, you bought a pile of shit dressed up in glitter but you still haven't provided the most relevant information - details of the seller, or are you going to allow the possibility of others falling foul of this miscreant?

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My observations - Barcia going chicken shit with the hard move when it was Malcolm he was dealing with, Barcia knew Malcolm wouldn't be up for any of that bullshit. What a travesty we have fast and accomplished riders pissing about in the AMA 250 class ... more »

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Really? There are no fabricators in the whole of the USA that could fabricate an aluminum fuel tank or there are no fabricators that would do it for the price your friend wanted to pay?

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From Crutclow himself - Asked by Autosport if he would consider non-Honda MotoGP options for 2021, Crutchlow said: “I plan to continue with Honda if I do continue”. Crutchlow reiterated that making “an easier bike to ride, from leaving the pitlane to ... more »

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Replace Lorenzo, why? You do realize Zarco is on the easier to ride 2018 RCV and that Lorenzo is still riding with a broken back. Yet you want to replace a five times champ and the only one of current riders to beat Marquez to a title with a two times ... more »

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Crutchlow was already in a podium position before Maverick's crash.

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You could always shut the forums down if you like if moderating them is tiresome. Go on shut them down for a month just as an experiment, I think you would have them back up and running within a week as the internet traffic melts away like an ice cube ... more »

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You missed an option - Run what you brung. While it wasn't an amazing success it was still good to see a big bore two stroke out there trying to mix it up against the fart machines. Maybe Monster Energy should start up a new supercross championship - ... more »

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All of you who are now shitting on FELD over this you wouldn't be the same ones that turn your nose up at the idea of a riders union that might help better riders pay & working conditions? You're not THOSE ones are you because, you know, hypocrisy ... more »

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A missed opportunity if GasGas end up becoming a rebranded KTM. This could be an the ideal time for KTM to try out aluminum frames and see how it works out on the GasGas models along with any other ideas KTM has but weren't to keen to give it a go on ... more »

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Racing for free, really? at the MXdN. Then why are the riders shirts emblazoned with sponsors logos and their machinery too? This would suggest that the (elite) riders are pocketing some monies for their adventure and time spent appearing at the Nations. ... more »

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Only one thing needed to make it better - a longer whoop section.

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So you want to hold the MXdN in the middle of national and world championships? Yeah but no I just do not see Tomac willing to risk injury while leading the Nationals to go race the Nations when he is not really willing at the best of times and I do ... more »