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Yep, great tip; thanks. I had found some new Honda and Suzuki ones like you mention, but what's the fun in that?

I've learned that as a restorer, it's important to spend twice the cost and effort to get something done, just to say you made ... more »
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, I posted a couple more pictures in the Diamond Don's thread; including a full bike shot. I didn't want to be the newbie that throws a zillion pictures on here. Although here's one more that could be classified as a "teaser" - my homemade ... more »
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Yep, was just about to post a "full disclosure".

Ol' Newmann here is the madman that got me started back into all this. It another Vital post, he mentioned that he knew where a YZ100 could be had.....aaannd, it escalated quickly. Turns out ... more »
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Amazing bikes in this thread. swatdoc's CR125 is stunning. I don't have much experience with Maico's, but the Ake bike and BigMaico's Maico are just awesome. And dat OldPro's has such a "privateer pro badass" look to it; about the only way

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Will be attending my first DD's; can't wait. I've been away from bikes for about 9 years (other than the last four months when I've worked night and day to get this little Y-Zed ready for this weekend), so I hope to meet as many of you as possible!

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