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Welp, I definitely have a T model (beefier chain guide, swingarm buffer, rear br. cable etc.), so I guess it's an 80' after all! Previous owner listed it as a 79 and the parts houses show parts for both N and T during both years, but that was all misleading. ... more »

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Honestly, I'm still a little confused about this. My frame nbr is RM125 107914, Engine nbr RM125 108261. On two different Suzuki identification charts I've seen, that makes it a "T" model. So does that automatically make it a 1980? Or did it come out ... more »

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Just picked up a 79 as well; 125T model. Perhaps we can communicate and share info during our builds this winter. My goal is to restore it as a racer in time for Diamond Don's in April. Jealous that yours came with tank and seat; haha. Only thing I've

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In very general terms, the water has receded enough in/around Houston to allow most to begin the very long task of rebuilding their flooded homes. That being said, many don't have much of a home to come back to, and those that lost everything are still ... more »

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My sister lives in Winnie, which is the same exit Newmann takes to head toward his beach house (the whitecap picture above). She's a nurse in Beaumont, and has been stuck at the hospital since Sunday. There is just no way to get home, so they keep her ... more »

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Home and bikes all dry, but the neighborhood has the worst flooding I've seen in the 15 years we've lived here - halfway between Galveston and Houston. My son and I were getting some good exercise riding bicycles in 2+ feet of water when we spotted this

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The "extras" that came with the bike. Thanks again to Gary near Austin, TX.

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Very nice bike, but If I go in either direction, it will likely be for a 125. Rode a 78 YZ400 back in the day, but started out trying to ride it like a 125, which in retrospect....almost ended me. The most vivid memory was trying to blast out of a berm ... more »

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+1 on the Evapo-rust; that stuff really works and can be found at Wal-Mart and/or Home Depot. I have a home-made tumbler using walnut shells, but the results are less than I expected. A little "harder" media might work better. Evapo-rust, a high speed ... more »

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I'll trade him straight-up.

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By the way, the gorgeous frame, engine, hubs, swingarm on the YZ was done by none other than the maestro Newmann himself!

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I did quite a bit of research on zinc plating, and Newmann just happened to post the exact video I used to come up with my own system (with a few of my own modifications). As you can see in my pic, I use a thicker copper wire to sit across the container,

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Just WOW. Best post I've seen in a while; thank you for sharing the experience! Some observations: - Love the rules stating that the older the rider, the older the bike must be - keeping it true to history. - 24 +60 riders and 31 +70! - The bikes! Just ... more »

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Your picture looks legendary as well! Niiiice retro gear (right down to the typical yellow socks over the full bores) and sweet tricked-out CZ. Kudos Maybe find some old school gloves (leather/black rubber strips on top) and you'll be perfect. Actually, ... more »

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Wow, beautiful bike. Lots of terrific detail and just the right amount of personal "style" from stock. The re-blue of the pipe was a good call; made it stand out. How long was the process (entire bike)?

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Well, you're pretty familiar with where my last project came from, soooo.....

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I've worked from home the last 9 years for a company based in Singapore. There is no office in the States, so it's often years between seeing anyone with the company. Simply put, it's a trade-off. You'll be missing some social interactions, some laughs, ... more »

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Definitely need to meet you at DD's Mr. F. What, we probably live 10 minutes from each other? I like your COMBINATION of moto-art/Maicos etc.. and racers. That Husky 125 just screams "LETS GO!!"

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Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride it long - an injury put me out for quite a while (not the bike's fault), and then college got in the way! I do remember it being an awesome bike with plenty of smooth predictable power; don't remember much about the ... more »

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That is a GREAT looking bike Sofiedog! And near to my heart. Pic of mine sitting in my college apartment the day I picked it up from the