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I have a Freeride E-XC, and while yes, I agree, it's not completely "there" yet, one ride tells you E-technology is damn close. I've let everyone from total beginners to pro-level guys ride it, and I've yet to have one of them come back and say, "Man, ... more »

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When Suzuki let DeCoster go in 1980, after he had made them a dominant force in the sport and had developed the RMs and had sold them thousands upon thousands of bikes, any illusions we had about loyalty in the sport were blown up into little tiny bits. ... more »

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Sure is nice to see an area of the country that is embracing tracks and expanding their potential, as opposed to an area of the country that seems obsessed with restricting them and even shutting them down. One has to wonder if, at some point, the southeastern ... more »

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You can all just call me, "Mister Broken Record," I suppose. It ain't the whoops, it ain't the corners, it ain't the tracks, and it ain't the riders - NO NO NO - it's the BIKES. When even the guys in the LCQ can quad a rhythm section immediately out ... more »

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I agree on principal, but I think it should be 200cc and 350cc. That, plus reducing the weight limit by ten pounds, would be exactly what the sport needs. This change would also alter the way the riders negotiate track obstacles, thereby making that ... more »

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BRILLIANT! I'll take a half-dozen for myself and a few hundred thousand more for all my friends who live in the other 49 States but, like me, all WISH we had been born, raised, and could somehow still reside in, sunny, glorious, Cali.* *Sarcasm alert. ... more »

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I'm crazy and old, I know, but I remember when motocross tracks were built around and among these things called "trees." They were beautiful and majestic, and sometimes you could even feel a cooling bit of shade when the track went underneath one. There ... more »

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One other thing I'll add: Normally I only keep a new bike around for a year, as I usually want something new and I usually get it. My '18 experience has been completely different, as I have no interest in selling it. I've ridden newer bikes and the '18 ... more »

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I had a 2016 YZ250F and now have a 2018 250SXF - and I much prefer the KTM. It feels smaller, more compact, lighter, and more nimble - almost like an 85 - and I like that feeling (some don't, I know). The Yamaha seemed like it was ten feet long to me, ... more »

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I must have missed the "breaking news," so please someone, if you wouldn't mind, tell me when celebrities once again became interesting.

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That Ferrandis comment needs its own thread.

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Top 5 running order?

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It was just last year, I believe, during one of the outdoor nationals, when Roczen blew past Webb coming around an uphill corner so quickly, it almost seemed like an altered video. Webb has NEVER passed Roczen this way, nor will he, because he doesn't ... more »

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It's one thing for all newer cars to be electric, quite another to "outlaw" all the ICE vehicles already produced. Once the last of the ICE vehicles are built, it will be another 50 years, at least, before they're all off the road. Soon - 2080 maybe? ... more »

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I suppose that all depends on whether or not you'd rather race a dirt bike for a living than do what you presently do. Me, I'm good, so I guess my left nut gets to stay put.

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Quite often, the 250s set as fast, or faster, lap times than the 450s. If we had two pro classes, we could end it with a phenomenal split-start championship race where the "Champion's Champion" could be decided. That would be off-the-hook. Let's face ... more »

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^^^^^ THIS! If nothing else, this pithy comment certainly points out a potential recurring problem on these really short tracks: if Deano was lapping people TOO, how was he supposed to know the blue flag was for HIM? That is one helluva conundrum.

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So, um, if the Fox's eyes are on both sides of the crotch of those pants (and they are), and the long nose of the fox would have to be between those two eyes (and it would).............. wouldn't that mean the Fox's nose would be your, um, unit? For ... more »

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And a few years back, a Suzuki RMZ250F was actually just a yellow Kawasaki KX250F. Or maybe it was the other way around, I can't remember. But never mind that, those Japanese bikes are what any normal American should both ride and admire, whereas those ... more »