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Anyone have the code for tonight? Please send in pm if so. Thanks.

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Get a Lectron and be done with it.

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Ace crapping out on me as well. Would appreciate a pm with a decent feed. Ace was so ace the last two weeks. Bummer.

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Guy like Dungey forced to throw away a 3rd and a 3rd......

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Bummer, hopefully he is all fixed up for the next round.

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Pretty much.

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Had pumps fail pretty early on 2010 Berg 390 and 2010 KTM 690. Replaced with ca-cycleworks pumps and never had another failure.

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2018 250 XC or 250 XCF

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If it could be equal to or better than in every way, then sure. Just a few areas for example, cost, weight, range, refuel time. Until then, it is not viable for the riding I do.

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The 2018 SX season will be the first time since 2009 that the Champion will not be named Ryan. Stamp it!

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That's what it's all about right there.
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1. Bought a trials bike. 2. Installed tubliss on my race bike.

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The only two 4 Strokes to win at Romaniacs since 2004 were 2008 on a Sherco 450 and 2009 on a BMW G450X.

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Thanks Scottie