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Fresh look for the old 200

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Or how about if you want a career number vs the number you earned it has to be a 3 digit number ala MA800, CP377, etc?

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I have the 690 SMC and my brother has the new 690 Duke. Both bikes are great, mine is the older 690 engine that Is 654cc's so his is a bit faster but is also more tame at the same time. Every time I get off of the SMC I think there is no way that I should ... more »

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350 if you're set on 4's. 200 2 stroke is really nice too.

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As long as we make it to Vegas with more than one rider having a realistic shot at the title then we the fans are the real winners.

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After watching his performance at the MXdN, that is not a sign I would want to see on my pit board. lol

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Exactly. It should be a great season.

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With RV2 heading over the pond, who will become top dog stateside? It will most likely come down to RD5 and KR94 but there are a lot of riders that could take it down under the right circumstances. CR22, JS7, DM18, JB51, TC41 to name a few Either way, ... more »

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Run FasstCo Flexx Bars. Never get arm pump again. Helps with blisters too.

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Except from the RV2 fanboys.

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The answer to the question "2 strokes or 4?" Is both.

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What if Tony was right and it turns out that Mike is the fastest of the clean riders (outdoors).

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