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Reply to JS7 monster kawi deal... 1/21/2020 11:14 PM

Just because you want to work doesnt mean your bank account is low. Is dungey, Rv, MC in need of money? No. They still work though. I think James kids are older and hes getting bored of just playing golf and wants to be involved in the sport again.

Reply to Unpopular Opinion: I feel bad for Ferrandis 1/20/2020 12:04 PM

Dylans wife/girlfriend has made a post on instagram.

Reply to Ferrandis trying to take out jett 1/20/2020 8:05 AM

Exactly, hes been here for what 4years? He has never done this before, Hes not like Barcia. Can people just get over it!? Its like you never seen a very aggressive "pass" before. He said he effed up and apologized. Move on.

Reply to A2 was Diffey's last round, Ralph back next week. 1/20/2020 1:10 AM

Thats not how you pronounce it either.

Reply to Block Passes and Take out's that no one cried about. 1/19/2020 11:12 PM

Just post craig taking out amart in quali for no reason..

Reply to Ferrandis thread 1/19/2020 4:27 AM

And people hating on his girlfriends instagram too. They were even comments that said that she should be "raped" by craig and lawrence after the race. People are disgusting.

Reply to Ferrandis thread 1/19/2020 2:10 AM

Im not saying it was a smart move. But people are on rage and want dylans head on a stick lol. Its not like its the first time this has happened. People need to chill and not cry.

Reply to Ferrandis thread 1/19/2020 1:59 AM

Passes like these or close to happens every damn race. Maybe not for 2nd place but it happens very often. People in here are crybabies

Reply to Craziest scrub ever? 1/15/2020 10:52 AM

Read the thread. Theres a vid posted. First its normal speed, next time its slowmo.

New thread Craziest scrub ever? 1/12/2020 11:56 AM

Mama mia. Valentin Guillod

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Reply to TV crew missed whole last lap of racing.. 1/12/2020 12:46 AM

In this race, yes he is! His first race win in 3 years after his injuries. I didnt care what was happening behind him, just wanted to see kenny and his wife celebrate.

Reply to St. Louis SX - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 1/11/2020 1:59 PM

How many 450 guys will beat ferrandis time? My guess is not many. Damn he is flying

Reply to Honda's Electric MX bike 12/29/2019 1:13 AM

My opinion on electric vehicles is that its great for everyday use. But im not very excited about having an electric sportscar.. no sound and no gears are boring. Same with bikes. I could see myself with an electric bike cruising down town to get a coffe ... more »

Reply to Honda's Electric MX bike 12/29/2019 12:55 AM

Really? I see the Audi e-tron suv every day on the streets. And i have driven it several times. Its an absolutely wonderful car! Yes its expensive and it doesnt have the best range. But that will be alot better in the next 2 years. The car itself is ... more »

Reply to Honda's Electric MX bike 12/28/2019 10:31 AM

Audi plans to have 14 different EV models on sale in 2025. They are building a HUGE factory as we speak.

Reply to Honda's Electric MX bike 12/28/2019 10:28 AM

So you found an article with Honda ceo who says electric is not going mainstream? Congrats! You really think all the big carmakers would invest BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars building factorys and developing new models if they didnt think it was the ... more »

Reply to Honda's Electric MX bike 12/28/2019 10:11 AM

The car makers havent put much effort in developing electric cars until quite recently. To much money in oil and it has not been profitable to develop electric cars. Times has changed now though.. this isnt just an electric "push" as you call it. This ... more »

Reply to Honda's Electric MX bike 12/28/2019 2:46 AM

I read that IBM has developed a new type of battery. That is manufactured from sea water. No cobolt or any heavy metals. 80% charge in 5mintues. Mercedes benz has invested in the product aswell. If its as good as they say, the market for electric vehicles ... more »

Reply to USADA+UFC issues 12/25/2019 11:23 PM

I agree 100%

Reply to 722 Live Performace 12/12/2019 8:10 AM

It was cringey yes.. but i was smiling through that whole thing. Does that mean i enjoyed it? I guess so lol