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Then maybe deegan read your post

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Someone has been watching Gypsy tales..

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Would you say that about js7 aswell? Was he not the fastest rider in sx to ever live in his prime? Yet he doesnt have that many championships.. Who is seen as the fastest rider between dungey and js7? Herlings is no doubt the fastest rider outdoors. ... more »

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They are the opposite of each other. Both very fast, but very very different in their riding. Wtf are you on about..

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Say you love biden, or something about covid. That will expose him for sure.

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Why would roczen open his mouth in other incidents where he is not involved? Do you see other riders doing that? Stupid post..

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He was so far back in the start aswell. I watched him. not far from last going in the first turn. He caught osbourne and was going to pass him before osbourne crashed. Was he the fastest rider on the track? I think so. Incredible

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Please just read the comments. There are so many questions about this every fricking time! The live show hasnt started yet. Its just free practice

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You are talking like Barcia hasnt done this before.. Barcia has won the last two A1. On a yamaha...

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This is the most insane one i have seen. View this post on Instagram Fly down. Head up 💋 📸| @motocross_dorno A post shared by Nicholas Lapucci(@nicholaslapucci211) on Aug 21, 2020 at 10:45am PDT

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I enjoy both nationals and mxgp. I just love watching guys ride their heart out on a dirtbike, and they do in both series.

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Jeremy has nowhere near the speed of dylan as was showed in the first moto. Hadnt dylan been taken out in the first turn he would have won easily. But sure, you need to stay of the ground to win a champuonship. But speedwise. No one is even close to ... more »

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You know hes been racing in europe his entire life? Its hard to win a us championships at 18 when you are racing the GPs... Stupid career move lol? He's on the best bike and just won 2sx titles in a row and the 450 factory teams are fighting over him ... more »

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Is ferrandis fastest lap faster than the fastest 450? He is absolutely flying, and he could probably turn it up a bit if he had to.

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And it looks like they will also be racing a national st the same date as mxon. I would say, skip mxon this year and come back stronger next year. Its not the same when its in the middle of a gp season and alot of countrys will not be able to come.

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Roczen "only" misses the 450sx championship on that list. But he can add some to that list aswell.

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Why does posts about forkners dad get removed? Just because he is a member here? How much have been posted about big james or other moto dads that still is allowed up? I just think its lame..

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People had way to high expectation of hunter. He hasnt really showed that much in the GPs to make him a contender for wins in the US. He had a really good showing at the mxon in england. In the gps, not so much. Really.

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It depends on how long the sport of mx/sx will live on. If it lives on until the earth explodes, all of them will be broken.