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I enjoy both nationals and mxgp. I just love watching guys ride their heart out on a dirtbike, and they do in both series.

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Jeremy has nowhere near the speed of dylan as was showed in the first moto. Hadnt dylan been taken out in the first turn he would have won easily. But sure, you need to stay of the ground to win a champuonship. But speedwise. No one is even close to ... more »

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1 is Paul Malin without a doubt.

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You know hes been racing in europe his entire life? Its hard to win a us championships at 18 when you are racing the GPs... Stupid career move lol? He's on the best bike and just won 2sx titles in a row and the 450 factory teams are fighting over him ... more »

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Is ferrandis fastest lap faster than the fastest 450? He is absolutely flying, and he could probably turn it up a bit if he had to.

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And it looks like they will also be racing a national st the same date as mxon. I would say, skip mxon this year and come back stronger next year. Its not the same when its in the middle of a gp season and alot of countrys will not be able to come.

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Roczen "only" misses the 450sx championship on that list. But he can add some to that list aswell.

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Why does posts about forkners dad get removed? Just because he is a member here? How much have been posted about big james or other moto dads that still is allowed up? I just think its lame..

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People had way to high expectation of hunter. He hasnt really showed that much in the GPs to make him a contender for wins in the US. He had a really good showing at the mxon in england. In the gps, not so much. Really.

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It depends on how long the sport of mx/sx will live on. If it lives on until the earth explodes, all of them will be broken.

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you mean Nichols? That was totally on nichols imo. Colt looked over and just turned right over on in sextons line when he was mid air.

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Cairoli was the fastest man that weekend. He caught both youngster and pulled away pretty easily. To think he is still out there racing for championships is pretty epic.

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I think it will come down to who can handle the new format and many races the best. I think tomac will struggle more than Kenny and webb with so many races, pressure and so on.

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Not a fan of joey but i hope he does really good for sake of JGR.

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It would be nice if people actually wrote a little something about what happened in the race they are mentioning. This thread would be about 100times more interesting if so.

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All across the world. Same things are happening in sweden. Volvo are letting go of 20.000 employees today. This is crazy and not sure how i feel about all this. One side of me thinks this quarantinen is bull shit, this is not worse than the flu. Another ... more »

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Great show! JT is always awesome on pulp and the review shows. I also hope that JT will be on the mxgp broadcast more frequently.

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I wasnt only talking about this year. People are talking about covingtons ride in America and everyone seems to forget that epstein barr probably had a significant role in his performance.

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Why is everyone forgetting he got epstein barr when he was in america? Has he even said he is cleared from that? Epstein totaly derailed his US plans and it seems like he still has issues with it.