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I just want to say that you are doing an amazing job! Imo Vital has made a huge leap forward thanks to your videos.

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I hope he comes out swinging! He can still be insanely fast, like the race in turkey last year. Caught everyone includong herlings from behind and was on FIRe the last laps. He can also be so so if hes npt comfortable and "gives up" easily. I think thats ... more »

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No. Considering that he know is the only fast rider on a 450 ktm. He needs to be at the GPs.

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According to his inatagram he had some serious back pains in the main. His starts though, disaster. I think he would have had atleast 3 podiums if he would start good. The only start that was ok from him this year he finished on the box.

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I wonder if marchbanks is as good as stew also? He came from last to 4th. Just shows how weak the field is.

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There's nothing wrong with ferrandis sx-form. He is among the fastest out there. His starts though.. they are horrible to say the least! You cant start 14th every damn race in this field and be in the title hunt.

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I dont really understand the hype about Craig. Yes he looks really good riding, but what has he done to deserve all this hype? He hasnt won much in his long career. Has he won a pro championship? And he is right now riding against a very week field with ... more »

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Yes, craig is fast. But the the 250 class is pathetic, its like 2-3 guys besides craig that are actually fast. Its time to combine east and west series.

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I have tried listening to them all. But the only one that a keep coming back for and always listen to is the pulpshow including the preview and review shows. One show that ive tried listen to a couple of times is the gypsy tales. But i just cant do it... ... more »

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Some things the US announcer says. Emigs "Momentum" RCs "clutch performance" and Langstons "Real estate".

Started new thread Js7 Insane section at unadilla 11/18/2021 8:03 AM

Man he could ride a bike like no other. 250 smoker vs Rc on 450. Even though it looks like RC was catching him, he must have gained 1sec alone in that section. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Motocross Real (@motocrossreal_)

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That 2nd race was the best in a long time! Wow!!

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Why are you talking about stuff you obviously dont know anything about? He has said multiple times he followed Aldons program before.

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No but he met with aldon when he was in the US and followed aldons program for some time.

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Herlings is certainly not following Aldons program now. In his documentary on youtube you see him eating pizza between turkey races. I think thats a good indication that aldons very strict diet is unneccesary. Few if any rider has the stamina of herlings. ... more »

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You are obviously not a very bright person. Im done here. Carry on.

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Why the fuck should he kill the gas when he is fighting for the win?! Prado jumped across the whole jump to prevent herlings from passing him. How can you not see that? Everyone saw that,even paul malin, the commentator, said it was an ugly move on the ... more »

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Have you ever been in a race or even riden a bike? Is this the first time watching a mx race?

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Are you stupid? You clearly see herlings going straight and prado starting his cross jumping crap in that pic. People that say that herlings is to blame are seriously clueless.

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I honestly cant stand the gypsy dude. The way he asks question is really annoying, just rambles on and asks several questions within one question. And his language is way to "surfer dude" for my taste. Its to bad because he has some interesting guests ... more »