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1976 Fogelsville, PA Famous for the Jammer taking out Tony D. We came home with the broken off rear fender from Tommy Croft's Factory Honda. It was only an hour and a half from home and it was right at the end of my 5th grade year. Pretty rad stuff for ... more »

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@dirtydeeds, yours looks exactly like mine, in that I only needed to do one side of my knee, or what they call a Uni. Much less invasive surgery, and much faster recovery. Just don't get staph and have to have it redone. Ask me how I know that one... ... more »

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Tried to send you a message, I have some.Let me know if you got it.

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I have some, I tried to send you a message, not sure it went through.

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Travis jumped into the bay in 99 while he was wearing Fox.

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Beauty machine, surprised there's glide or skid plate though.

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I loved my 2000 model. Fantastic motor for the woods, and super easy and comfy to ride all day. The YZ will wear you out much faster than the KDX, and besides that, you have no idea what it looks like while you're riding it, so take the look factor out

... more »
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He should ride all of the different models that KTM makes in 2021 like Shane Watts did since he won't be going for a title.

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I read that he broke his swingarm pivot bolt twice, and the second time on stage 10 caused his motor mounts to break too. Factory KTM hooked him up before the last stage to get it all fixed. Kudos to them. Can you imagine riding a rally bike at 100mph ... more »

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Seems a little steep for a nicely prepped new bike that he never really rode. The included tour of Pastranaland might make it closer to justifying the price tag. ... more »

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Could you possible add a running total of positions gained for the year? Be interesting to see who's passed the most and been passed the most.

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They may be contractually obligated to have 2 bikes racing

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This has to be a joke. I’m guessing the pipe is off being repaired after being smashed by the front wheel

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Holy cow is this thing beautiful, and rare. If someone know you to link it better, feel free.

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I got to ride this as a 7 Y/O when my brother got a DT 125. My first bike that was all mine was a used 78 YZ 80
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Yeah, I read that too in last week's Racerhead. I guess the week off really rejuvenated him :-)

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I guess DC misunderstood when he wrote that Ping was leaving RX because his work load had gotten too large. Sounds like he's doing exactly the same things for Vital.

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He was grandfathered in until he didn’t score the necessary 25 points to retain it in 2018. As a result of that, he no longer has a career number and has to run whatever two-digit he earns.

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How is Alessi still not 800, that was his permanent number. I realize now they won't let you take a 3 digit number for your permanent one, but he was grandfather, or so I thought.

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He is Service Honda