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That, and taxes are a significant part of the price of gas. Said taxes would remain the same no matter where the crude oil comes from. Selling price would not be 25% higher.

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AC to take Brayton’s spot at Honda next to his buddy Kenny. Stamp it.

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Personally I would first tell him that it's on him since there's no way for me to know what happened since the bike left my garage. I always go over my bikes to make sure they are ready to ride, so most likely something happened after the sale, so no ... more »

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250's are boring to me. 250 2 strokes are too brutal. 125's are the most fun but too much maintenance. 450's are exciting to ride, basically don't wear out and get you good starts.

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250 class. 125 had black and 500 ran yellow

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I literally lol'ed with this one.

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It will made inertia to the crank. What that does is it makes the engine rev slower but makes it feel more torquey and tractable. It also makes it harder to stall. In other words, it makes the bike easier to ride, especially for a rider coming from the ... more »

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My understanding is that he feels he's in good shape but the results are not what was expected, and he hopes to get better as the season goes on. Can you quote the parts where he's blaming someone else or making excuses? Cause I didn't see them.

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That looks great! Good job! For a cheaper alternative to this beauty, the bottom frame could be mounted inside the legs, so a single sheet of 3/4 plywood can be used for both surfaces.

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Anaheim ?

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Came in this thread for this. Thank you good sir.

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You can always make one yourself. I did some with masking tape and a black marker that I stuck on the plastics and then scanned at 100% scale. It worked perfectly.

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Problem I've seen with 4-5 yo kids is the overall size and weight of helmets. My daughter could barely control her head movements in a crash. Given the relatively low speeds they're going on a PW at that age, you could also consider a BMX racing helmet. ... more »

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An FIM WORLD Championship

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That’s a nice $200 used seat cover

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Thé difference is the MSR perch/lever are cast. Not as durable as the WC and the lever gets quite a bit of up/down play in short order, where the WC stays nice and tight.

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Are you looking for spring or air? I have a set of KYB kit forks for sale. Set up for a 165lb rider. Send me a PM if you want more info.

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Find a local science/chemistry supply store and get a graduated cylinder from there. Same as the Race Tech one for 1/4 the price.

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OEM Yamaha The stock Honda and Kawi grips are good too.

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Shouldn’t make a difference if they were installed correctly