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AC is one of the favorites for the title and should be on Team USA at MXDN.

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I understand that he can, may get more $$ in 250 next year, wants to leave 250 with a title in the record books but I would take the 450 ride when it is available. No doubt AC can win in 250 next season but man, it's Supercross, he just proved again ... more »

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Zebra pattern not as cool, not as clean and fun looking as the original ones. I prefer the left side set-up and the original pants, these ones look cheapo


its so fun for some to make jokes on millennial, immigrants, women and everything you can point finger at and blame for anything and everything. Low flying humor always work and thats good cuz everyone deserve a laugh at time. Regarding ugly piece of ... more »

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This thread was a great picture of how many assume, guess, judge, stomp, make up stuff based on their pure ignorance and lack of education. We also learn that apparently Christians don't have sex in the morning, if sex at all. Not sure which Christians ... more »

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Theres a lot of talking about people's sexual orientation and sexual preferences today.

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Great summary. Add to that the mediocre riders who can now fly down a trail at higher speeds than others, there's already been broken bones, there will be more as they share trails with slower bikes. It's in its infancy so lets see how the trail share ... more »

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Awesome that he wants to try the MXGP experience and in a good team at that. Will keep an eye on him.

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eBikes are cool and offer a lot for those who don't need to pedal a lot or don't find it fun to pedal, or can't pedal or just want a shredding 2-wheels tool. but it's not a MTB, not a bicycle anymore, it's a motorized-2 wheels. So as much as it looks ... more »

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But beyond this, Feld would learn a lot if their studied/copied a lot of what Formula 1 is doing instead of reaching the Nascar thing for the past 15-20 years. The access to drivers, the access to info, the incredible video broadcast package available, ... more »

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MTB rocks and has a very strong relationship with MX.

If you aint into it just don't listen, go grab a beer and come back, or start your own podcast, but don't impede on freedom of speech Bro. Freedom of opinion. MTB is elfin' cool!
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Anything fun in our very flat state for a dual sport?

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Very tempted by both but really not sure which one will be the best for boring South Florida roads.

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Getting old, injuries, too much risk for my career and career too needed for retirement. Miss it though. I think I am also shit scared to jump modern jumps

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Yes I agree, he looked really good this weekend, already showed great stuff at A1 coming back from dead last to 5th. This could be the beginning of him fighting in the Top 5 every weekend.

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I know that Florida Track & Trails has off-road loops but anything bigger available to us around the Everglades or Okeechobee? Thinking of my next toy and not sure if I would go with a 450 enduro I will have to haul places or an adventurer I can ... more »

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Thanks for the goss' updates dude!

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Youthstream would love to have a full concrete/tarmac motocross track for his MXDN. Location is good, but there are other traditional, real MX tracks, available centrally located in Europe. Those man-made MX track (Assen, Charlotte) are so lame.

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Is it?