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Is it?

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Somewhere in a small town called Janesville, WI, a bunch of guys are smiling and thinking "we told you so!". You can't keep going on in business if you keep borrowing money to back up your unrealistic programs to beat your competitors by constantly underquoting ... more »

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

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reeves hs been involved with ARCH from the beginning.

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Very cool Rup'

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Anyone has a link to watch the replay of the full motos?

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I agree. Don't delete. Take responsibility and be accountable, don't pussy hide your opinion. Challenge is that it's such a small incestuous industry that peeps saying things and lose "access" to some pits or riders.

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Vurb! Stop deleting these great IG posts. Was classic good.

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100% Agree!!

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Intentionally or not, he cut a big chunk of the track. Surprised they docked him so much but a penalty was expected.

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He's up for grab. Contract year.

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eer.... no.

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Millsaps rode so well. Great show from the 18, corner speed was impressive.

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exactly and many other cases before (Webb in 2015-16), Barcia's constant bonehead moves in practice too. Doesnt even look like Craig did it on purpose and def' not the kind of guy to do that for free. If they DQ'd Craig they'd just confirm the opinion ... more »

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No they don't LOL

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Looks like these whoops were easier and faster to jump a-la-Frenchy, instead of blitzing. He lost grip on the last 2, was pushing hard and looking good. Too bad.

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Must be frustrating for Bogle. He's fast but he doesn't have more than 7 minutes of Main in him right now to hold to a top 5 position.

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Just got to my hotel room, missed the Mains, anyone has a link to a replay? thx

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a day race? if a day race, what time are the Mains usually? Trying to bid for my recurrent sim time to be on the same weekend

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