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Anyone making a vented airbox cover yet? After comparing it to the KTM it seems ridiculously restrictive.

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I'd say snake oil. I've got one for my broken scaphoid that wasn't healing. Had a partial non-union. Had a second surgery to remove a lot of scar tissue and it finally started going the right direction. I used a bone stimulator for most of it, but the ... more »

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Picked up the last 450 they had on the floor last week. Put 2 rides on it so far and I'm very impressed. It's a noticeable handling improvement over my '16 350. For now I'm leaving it almost entirely stock as I break it in. Got the map switch, ... more »
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Just bought this bad boy. I've spent the last full year on the sidelines thanks to a broken scaphoid that wouldn't heal properly. Finally that is trending in a good direction and I just turned 40. So here we go.
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All false? Marchbanks' main complaint was getting cross jumped several times and frustrated about the red flag restart because he was in a worse position.

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Imagine the amount of force it took to pull a 150lbs kid up off the ground and fling him like that. It would absolutely be enough to make his arms stretch out like that from the rotational force being pulled around the center of the bike as it flipped ... more »

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They have to be 2 years removed from racing a pro AMA or FIM event already. So they are no longer "pros". There's at least one Vet class set aside for guys who have never raced pro already, not every Vet class needs to have that same rule. The +25 is ... more »

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SpaceX has successfully operated a mid-sized rocket called the Falcon 9 since around 2010. It's flown over 100 successful missions including sending astronauts to the ISS twice. But it's only partly reusable and very limited in lift capacity. Starship ... more »

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Man some of you guys have a MAJOR hard-on for Dungey. This is the shitty side of any sport I guess, the wanna-be fans who put down the talent and work ethic they could never have. I would say walk a mile in his shoes before talking that mess but I imagine ... more »

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How is this 4 pages without a freaking video of the incident? Looks to me like the Mookie collision wasn't anything to get excited about.

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Horribly misleading title. The F-35 hasn't failed at anything and the AF is still buying them by the hundreds. Even if the AF cut their orders by the mentioned 40% they'll still be buying almost 1,000 F-35s by the end of the contract. Currently they ... more »

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Boy tell me about it... I broke my right scaphoid as a teenager and it healed after 6 months. But now as a 40 year old man I've broke my left scaphoid back in May of '20. I'm STILL in a cast and had 2 surgeries to try and make this bone heal and it refuses. ... more »

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The real safety net is caves. It takes about 10 feet of soil to negate all radiation issues you find on the surface. While you can come up and chill in a bubble for a bit, the honest truth is those who inhabit Mars first will most likely have to live ... more »

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Yes Mars has a magnetic field just like it has an atmosphere, both are painfully weak. Less than 1% of Earth in comparison. That makes both of them basically non-effective and deadly to us. And yea, no one in the scientific community is going to endorse ... more »

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I'm not understanding what trees have to do with warm temperatures. Mars has basically no atmosphere and no magnetic field to protect itself from direct radiation exposure. No matter the temp, no trees or plant life are going to live directly exposed ... more »

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4-strokes are what Japanese OEMs want to make. Their weed eaters are 4 stroke, their lawn mowers are 4 stroke, their generators are 4 stroke, their consumer vehicles are 4 stroke, and their freaking race cars are 4 stroke. The move to bring the MX sector ... more »

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He got hurt at Wolf Creek MX doing as someone else mentioned, jumping a gap that wasn't meant to be jumped. The impact did the damage and rolled to a stop not being able to feel his legs.. to give you an idea of his time frame here's a blast from the

... more »
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It's VERY unlikely it was anything but a rock. The main issue is speed. This object by even our standards was moving slow. So slow that if we were motivated, we could have pulled together a mission in time to visit it along its path through the solar ... more »

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It took over 10 years of dedicated work and a bottomless budget to get us from concept to moon landing. The entire might of NASA and some of the smartest engineers on the planet working entirely on one single goal and project. That type of thing no longer ... more »

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I'd like to hear from someone there who watched Tomac in those first few laps. You don't just pull a move like that, often that kind of aggression is provoked. That was made painfully clear by his second stab at taking out Vince. Something happened that ... more »