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What a bone chilling thing to get charged with when you know your innocent. Because the court of public opinion, as this thread proves, finds you guilty automatically and wants you dead.

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You know early on who has the talent to push into a pro career and who doesn't. The kids that do already ride an SX track at a training facility.

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I love how this graph leaves out the President before Obama who had me pay nearly 5 dollars a gallon back in 2007. No shady political tampering here.

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I think everything about your post defines partisanship and the inability to see the "other side" as actual people. De-humanizing your political opposite seems to be the cool new trend though.

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6'2" on a GasGas MC450. I go with raising the bars over lowering the pegs. KTM/Husky/GasGas make bar mounts for all their bikes in the powerparts catalog from stock height to a 20mm increase. That allows me to stand up without being bent over so I'm ... more »

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All of my youtube stuff is nearly a decade old at this point, that's depressing. And my attempt at a chest mount back before one actually existed and it became popular in MX. Mounted too low, you see a lot of the crossbar.

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Lockheed made the F-35 too big to fail by including other nationals in the development and production. Unlike the F-22 which only had one fickle customer, the F-35 started with 13 partner countries. So while it's the most expensive weapons system in ... more »

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People seem to forget Smith nearly won a 250SX championship. He took the red plate into Las Vegas and was in a position to win before absolutely smashing himself. Don't think Wageman has that type of upside no matter what bike you put under him.

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Your question kinda answers itself doesn't it?

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The YEARLY military budget is 720 billion. 83 is a drop in the bucket. This is typical military procedure, you leave behind used equipment in a warzone because it's cheaper to just go buy new toys rather than bring back the old and refurbish them. And ... more »

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There was no pass or even a pass attempt. You don't attempt passes when you don't have the line or track position, you just run into the back of the guy in front of you.

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This is a pattern that stretches all the way back to his amateur days. He had multiple amateur national DQ's for trying to break legs. Poor decisions are in his nature, good for him Genova has basically adopted him as a son because I don't think anyone ... more »

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Craig is a proven guy on a 450 indoors and out. He has always been a consistent top 10 threat and netted multiple top 5 finishes. While I love Alex there isn't much to compare there.

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Yea when Dungey signed with KTM in 2011 the bike he would race the next year didn't exist yet. The 2012 KTM 450 SXF was carbureted, heavy (over 243lbs without gas), enduro-style dual cam beast. Dungey's 2012.5 FE was a brand new bike from the ground ... more »

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All of my youtube track videos are exactly 1 lap long.

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Yes, far as I can tell the dude has only ever ridden for Genova. Although I am technically wrong about his pro debut, that was in 2008 where he rode 3 outdoor nationals in the 450 class. That was after a VERY controversial A class year that saw him DQ'd ... more »

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I'm pretty sure he has spent his entire career getting paid to race by one guy, Mike Genova. Who has said in the past that Vince will have a ride for as long as he wants to race. Never have heard the backstory to that relationship but it's obvious Genova ... more »

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Vince Friese "debuted" in the 250 class in 2009.

... more »
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I think you guys are missing the point.. the OP's last name is not Emig and he most likely isn't a former AMA Pro Motocross champion. I imagine he's an average dude who wants to put in work and just try to qualify for the race. Unless you go into the ... more »

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That's a pretty uneducated opinion. Check results from the regionals, each class has almost 40 guys and most of them on 450s. That means you'll need to pass at least 3/4 of the field in each of the 3 motos and you've got 5 laps to do it. Yes, if you're ... more »