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The Video Pass is worth every penny. I love watching qualifying and Moto 3 races. The announcers are outstanding.

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Cobra makes their own 50cc pipe. The stamping is not done in-house but the design, welding, cutting and fabrication is done in house. The Cobra 65 pipe is supplied by HGS.

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I have driven one of those rigs...,,

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Grab a Cobra P3 or Cobra JR if your little one is 4-6. The have a 10” front and 10” rear tires. If he is 7-8 get a Cobra CX50SR or a Cobra CX50SR FWE. They have a 12” front tire and 10” rear tire The 2019 FWE is a trick machine that comes from the factory ... more »

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Except you were wrong. Logan best and YZ65 never won a title..,,,, Did you actually watch the races?

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I’d suggest you guys read Branding Iron before you call this a success story.

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Thanks man. Couldn’t figure that out.

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Ford Transit 350 Dually. Built for MX trackside support for Cobra Moto.

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I guess I have a different definition of competing...?

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The Cobra’s dominated the 50cc classes. #madeinamerica #championsstarthere

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Since this thread was posted Cobras have won every national championship.....

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Yet these kickstands are raced for thousands of miles at GNCC races and no broken legs...

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Both are good 50 tracks. The Cobras will dominated both however.

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Or get a Cobra and not worry about swapping clutches, shimming clutches or cussing about 50's.,,,,,,