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Wow that's a sweet looking ride right there, love the gold ohlins on there! Very nice bike.

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Its been tried and tested utilizing the absolute latest and greatest butt dyno technology.

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Got eeeemmmm???

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Must be Kyle's Dad?

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1st & most important tip for ya! If you want to keep the engine running & in 1 piece, remove that hotrods crank ASAP & get it in the dumpster as quickly as you can! Asking for trouble with a hotrods crank. There has been many a blown out/up ... more »

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Hell yea man, badass idea for sure! That's funny I literally just found my old helmet, like this stewbra one you have here, in the barn the other day when I was organizing. I crashed my brains out in it years ago & broke the visor & mouthpiece ... more »

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I still have my JS7 Bradshaw replica kit & wear it still(well, when I actually ride these days)! Mine looks just like the set on the left in the pic except it's more flow type material & not cotton being that it's from the Stewart run in 03ish ... more »

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Usually a hard place to gain interest around here without posting pics! Hopefully this helps, glws

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Happy for him! Good dude!!

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Power stands are great!

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I'm not 100% certain but looks an awful lot like ti to me...

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Known husky prob. Ktm uses brembo, hence the reason you havent had problems...

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Well my guess would be that they're hoping their regular series announcers(Ralph & Ricky), will take a few notes about how they flawlessly & seamlessly transition through the event. Each time the nascar guys guest commentator they make the 2 ... more »

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I saw this too & posted a comment about hoping someone offered up a piece of paper for him to sign for a 450 deal. He liked the comment, which means nothing, but would love to see him get a shot. I think theres a great chance he could shut some haters ... more »

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Plz come back to vital... full time, part time, I don’t care. The site needs you.

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Sounds like maybe you got a bad tire? Defective bead maybe? Seems strange

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I was thinking that same exact thing... "how in the actual fuck did he just double his entry speed while skimming the 'hoops'? Setiously, wtf?" Lol

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Would you take $35 cash today?

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Honda has no energy drink sponsor, therefore no conflicts for AC92 remains a monster athlete at HRC Honda. Not saying I know anything, cause I most definitely do not. I do know that a rider could essentially ride for any energy drink they want at HRC ... more »

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F%h@÷n sweet man! Pretty cool set right there. Glws