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Would you take $35 cash today?

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Honda has no energy drink sponsor, therefore no conflicts for AC92 remains a monster athlete at HRC Honda. Not saying I know anything, cause I most definitely do not. I do know that a rider could essentially ride for any energy drink they want at HRC ... more »

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F%h@÷n sweet man! Pretty cool set right there. Glws

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I didn't see the original thread & have no idea what's going on as I'm just reading through trying to figure it out. So I'm not saying anything specific to this thread or the original. Just a general statement... In this sport, info is nowhere to ... more »

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I would have rolled the whoops too.

Good win, Marty!

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Best deal I've ever found on them is buying SG12's for less $ that have a 500% longer life span!

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I personally wouldn't buy a 12, not to ride/keep for myself anyways. Like others have stated, they fixed the bottom end issue with the 13-15. 16+ is one of the best, if not the best, all around bike ever made!

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Looks like a sweet 12 o'clocker to me bro! Lol

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500exc is a God damn wheelie machine! Almost like cheating. I could ride that fucker on 1 wheel for miles!

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Damn, that's cheap as hell. Shouldn't have any problem moving this quickly. I'd say good luck but you shouldn't need it at that rate...

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When that happens, all you have to do is click the opposite thumb(up or down) to undo it. IE: if I accidentally like something I didn't mean to, just simply hit the dislike & you will be back to square one.

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I believe your memory has failed you & you forgot about A1 where he won by 17 seconds and indeed, "destroyed" them. Also monster cup before that & outdoors before that. Yes, he was on top & "destroying" at that point in time whether you're ... more »

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This is gonna be badass! Can't wait to see it all done. I think black bars would look better with all the other orange bling you already have going on everywhere! Just my opinion tho, nice bike regardless of bar color.

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This setup has 10 comments.

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Anything other than a fat max is a waste of $😂

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Ncmp in Henderson. A little north of raleigh. Badass place when I have been. Few different tracks that are usually in good shape & like 20ish miles of trail riding I believe. Never ridden the trails tho.

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They can't even pan in to the action or at least tell us about it when Kenny crashes out of 2nd/3rd and/or got block passed by 3 dudes in 1 turn & the crowd goes berserk all the while they're watching 8th place. I'm not 1 to bitch cause I'm certain ... more »

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I'm halfway convinced the stubborn ol mule just got on the podium to spite feld/nbc/ama for not allowing his sticker on the helmet & still shouting them out without breaking the rules. That is the damn definition of Chad Reed, prove mofos wrong. ... more »

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Appreciate the write up and interesting insights as always, Cooksey. Usually i like to throw a counterpoint at you but you’re not giving me much to work with as all your points are firmly grounded in reason. If anything, I’d say it’s a tad early in my book to declare the preverbial torch...more

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Great race to watch. Kenny sounds gutted. He’s got to find a way to keep his confidence up. He’s come so far back twice now. He led almost the whole race. That’s a positive. Watch some video and figure out where he’s losing time and get back on the horse.