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Pretty sure. NOW, one thing I just thought of and my apologies, but we run Rekluse torque drive set-ups and they are metals...I'll recheck and reconfirm

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Check the bottom of pressure plate and bottom of the clutch basket. Metals suck in real hard and can be difficult to tell if you have the last metal disc out ot not. I often need a pick to tell if it is basket or disc...

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Cut the DTV cord on Friday! Signed up for Fubo as well. We'll see how it goes. For those watching on YouTube, is it someone using their phone to record from a TV or computer? Are they legit sites/streaming services like YouTube TV or pirates? How is ... more »

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Seriously surprised to hear him on a motocross race, but pretty cool. Even more surprised to hear he only has 3 kids. the 30 for 30 was a great watch, and really shows that the dude was a solid guy. However, his partying and eccentricities don't exactly ... more »

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OK nerd. Just kidding. Can you expand on the torque aspect? I get the stability vs. turning ability, but how is torque positively or negatively impacted and finally when making an adjustment for turning/stability what are some other common adjustments ... more »

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I don’t want to hijack this thread totally but I will leave this last comment on scripts, big pharma etc-disclaimer I am in healthcare on the sales end for the past 25 years-never sold pharma just OR based implants-it is fairly accepted that reps don’t ... more »

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Just remember, Dr. 's work for the patient, insurance co really, so patient wants script, Dr. wants happy patient to go away and worse gets ding'd by insurance co if patient comes back, because after all Dr. needs to help patient get better, so Dr writes ... more »

Started new thread VP Coolant? 7/24/2022 4:29 PM

A buddy has been using VP Stay Frosty Race-Ready coolant in his razor for racing and then starting using in his kid's 250 SX-F with a mod motor. Compared to Motorx 3.0 it seems to keep the bike at least 10 degrees cooler. It's not glycol based like Motorex ... more »

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I think the NFLPA, family me members of those suffering from ALS and CTE and the multimillion dollar settlement would say otherwise.

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@peltier626 and @bobby Dudes. You are barking up the way wrong tree and you are just wrong. Angling for a lawsuit? All you need to do is look at the $ made per athlete and occurrences of life altering injury in football, or did you miss the boat on that ... more »

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Kinda of...Look folks are fussing cause no American is dominating. My $.02 these kids are all gnarly and it is us, the fans that need a bit of a reality check. We expect every couple years for there to be a "generational" talent. A dominant guy and damnit ... more »

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Everyone is a critic and thinks their $.02 is what everyone else is thinking. They are just bold enough to say it. Just my $.02

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Anyone use the M02 in an AT81 RC? Thoughts on fitment?

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Man...brings memories from when I was probably 8 or 9? This and WWoS on ABC is what really got the bug to bite me!

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Honestly probably my favorite part of Vital. Thank you!

Added a comment about video Violent Crash | Josh Gilbert - 2022 Hangtown MX National 6/7/2022 5:10 AM

interesting, he as wearing a Leatt. I wonder if he had not been, would things have been worse. Thats a really case of whip lash at the very least.

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Reality is a lot of racing is like this, not just moto. How many F1 races come down to some under cut pit strategy or any car or track racing that only has action on a re-start, the rest is pretty boring/uneventful unless its NASCAR short track, even ... more »

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If it does not have not have to tell time, I would say look at the Whoop. I believe KR94 and a few other moto guys wear it. I have one and haven't taken it off in over 3 years. I won't be a full homer here, but most if its functionality has been scientifically ... more »