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Thanks Sean! I appreciate the chance to earn your business. If anyone is in the market for Polar products drop me an email and we’ll get you hooked up!

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The Vantage M2 would be your best bet. You can download the motocross profile and use that when recording motos. You can also sync the lit pro app to the polar flow app and it will pull the info and display lap times. The M2 you can control your phones ... more »

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I just posted a set of Raptor Titanium pegs brand new in box $250 shipped. Should fit all yz models Shoot me a text. 925-482-4432

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Bought these pegs brand new and never put them on. Being 6’5 I decide to just order the -7mm pegs custom. Never used, still in box $250 shipped Text 9254824432

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Works for me. Shoot me a text message or call tomorrow and I can send pics of everything.

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Traded my KX in stock so selling everything off of it. Some stuff is barely used EDIT. MOST SOLD. THIS IS WHATS LEFT ARC levers $100 OEM shifter (Brand New) $20 No Toil filter cage $15 Probably have more I can’t think of, tons of plastic, some new some

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That mx guide is outdated R3 Motoworx-Jamestown, TN Indian Mound Mx-Sparta, TN Fast Farms MX-Altamont, TN Southfork MX -Leitchfield, KY Echo Valley MX-SeeBree, KY Mclarty MX-Horton, AL Valentine Valley MX in KY probably 1.5 hours from Nashville. Can’t ... more »

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Got some parts from putting a bike back to stock before trading it in Hinson Clutch Cover $80 Flo Foot Pegs $75 Acerbis green fork guards (Brand new in package) $20 Works Connection Billet throttle tube $40 Can ship at buyers expense Hate the pm system

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Picked this thing up a couple months ago. So easy to just throw 1 bike in the back in the back and it’s a 5 speed so it’s fun to drive. Will probably get a Ford Maverick down the road once it’s no longer reliable but it only has 125k on it ... more »
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If he’s not interested shoot me an email

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Gate drops, ride with faster kids and tell him to never let anyone tell him he’s too old to have a chance at doing anything. Also you can pick up some pretty good info off YouTube videos. And when at a local race watch the faster kids/pro classes. Pick ... more »

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He’s been pro for what? A year and a half,if that? Rough start so just give up and get a job? Tough Crowd

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My insurance guy who did my plan told me for $18 more a year I can get comprehensive on top of theft coverage with a $250 deductible.i was just after theft insurance. I told him I only ride track and he said aslong as it’s not a race it doesn’t matter ... more »

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Got quoted $4200 OTD for a crf 110 in Alabama when I went down for Moto America $2,499 bike $545 freight $655 assembly $299 Doc 4% extra Alabama tax I do not need a 110 that bad.

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Sand Mountain is good. I’ve been there and it’s really good then next time I went it was sketchy. But compared to anything I’ve rode in KY it’s pretty good. If Monster isn’t open try Mclarty MX. I’ve been a handful of times and never had a bad day. It’s ... more »

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This guy nailed it. Mclarty is awesome. 3 hours from me and I’ll gladly drive it for a practice day. Fast farms has new owners so it should open up more. Indian Mound is good when open. Sand Mountain is pretty good. I believe R3 is 2.5 hours from Chattanooga? ... more »

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No wrist reading watch is gonna give you exact heart rate readings. They are ballpark reading which will help you gauge the zone you are in. Best way to be 100% is to pair a watch with a chest strap/monitor. I sell Polar products so if you decide that ... more »

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When I first started riding I went to Carnegie often and it was always a crap shoot on if they would enforce anything or not. I took my yz there for years with no title I just used the sticker off our crf70 I rode a local track here on Saturday and I’d ... more »

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In Ca she could still identify as your aunt.

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I rode LTMX and it is awesome for sure. I may end up there again just wanted to see what else I may be missing out on that I haven’t rode.