Added reply in a thread Herlings is unstoppable 9/20/2021 7:31 PM

Who has more championships? Tim or Herlings? I hope he heals up quick and it’s a battle to the end. We have never seen these two really battle for a championship.

Added reply in a thread Sorry Gypsy, but Jett not as talented as James Stewart 9/17/2021 8:11 PM

Holy shit not even close. James is the best rider to throw his leg over a “small bike” (125 or 250f) just as RC is the goat and smoked everts the sand master in his back yard. Don’t compare Jett to James yet….. Jett is good but come on, not the same ... more »

Added reply in a thread Free agent: Amazing 250 rider looking for a ride 9/1/2021 1:34 PM

Brent, you are the man. I will be watching for him this weekend! I hope he does well.

Added reply in a thread Prado could at least check his blind spot... 8/14/2021 8:52 AM

Pretty sure if herlings didn’t get jumped on he would be ahead of prado…. Also didn’t 222 have a bike problem and didn’t score any points? Let’s not act like prado is really the top ktm rider, cause he’s not. It was nice to see Tony make an aggressive ... more »

Added reply in a thread Lets see your list of bikes 8/8/2021 5:34 PM

1994 z50 1997 ish kx80 2000 kx100 2002 kx100 2002 kx 125 2003 ktm 125 2004 zx6r 2007 gsxr 750 2008 crf 250r 2018 ktm duke 390 2015 ktm 250 2015 yz250f 2016 yz250f 2017 zx6r 2017 husky 350 2019 yz250f That’s crazy when I started this list I assumed I ... more »

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They should have 3 races a year together. 2 in the US and one outside or vice versa. Scores same amount of points and everything just more competition

Added reply in a thread Mxon....looks like the U.S. riders are gonna be on a KTM, Husky, Gas Gas, or Honda 7/27/2021 7:19 PM

Man I love Anderson wish he was healthy but it’s looking like sexton, barcia and hampshire. I think they will give them a run for the money for first and worst case 3rd with no disasters. If sexton gets starts he can win in my opinion. Barcia top 5? ... more »

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Ap sexton and Cooper anything else is pretty damn stupid. Sexton is a beast he just hasn’t showed it so far. It will come out, plus he’s good in sand.

Added reply in a thread High Point National - Main Races Bench Racing 6/19/2021 6:34 PM

Watching Tomac when he is on is the best moto to watch. Period.

Added reply in a thread High Point National - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 6/19/2021 5:51 AM

Is colt nichols Ok? He is usually better than this

Added reply in a thread Team Monster Kawasaki interested in Tim Gajser? 6/18/2021 6:21 AM

pretty sure he finished quite high in a few races. Too 5s if I’m not mistaken (Edit) - I’m pretty sure he’s the best MXer on the planet right now.

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Gajser went from last to first easily. Guy will win the series again.

Started new thread Washougal MX for Spectating 6/10/2021 8:21 AM

Guys, was thinking about making the trip to Washougal with my 12 year old son to visit the North West as well as go to Washougal. What are your thoughts on spectating here? Is it a good track for it? Thanks!

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He will go 1-1 with a 20 second lead in one moto this year and just say “I was comfortable on the bike today”

Added reply in a thread Tomac to Yamaha? 5/9/2021 8:46 AM

Yeah okay. Bike makes no difference

Added reply in a thread Sorry, ATL ruined it. Normal SX tracks suck. 4/27/2021 8:21 AM

The MXGP track was great. Especially seeing Webb in moto 2, and Eli running away with ease. 2022 please have an MXGP in the USA

Added reply in a thread Salt Lake Track Maps 4/22/2021 12:04 PM

sounds like you need a new girlfriend.

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Kenny lost his mojo. Wtf did I just watch

Added reply in a thread Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 5:18 PM

Would anyone else rather see all the rounds here instead of the shitty indoor tracks? I would.

Added reply in a thread Commentating is REAAALY bad 4/13/2021 6:38 PM

You guys are a bunch of whiney little bitches