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It’s funny when someone “important” posts here people suck them off. Yeah weege. Thanks for posting with all us pee ons

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So basically you don’t know why we are frustrated. Literally answered every question but the main one. Why tf are we watching Ferrandis for 10 minutes while Eli has one of his amazing rides and why is it happening over and over. Enough with the political ... more »

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That makes his 2007 outdoor rides that much more impressive. Those wins against JS were purely him wanting to race the best and win just for him. He could have easily stayed and won that title to collect his title bonus.

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I’m not the cancel culture type but maybe Steve Cox should be relieved of his press pass and never allowed in moto again. People all over are getting fired for way less.

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How long is this survey going to last so I can stop hitting close every 10 seconds

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Tomac is my biggest disappointment so far this year.. until the second 250 moto when Jmart crashed out and looks to be hurt. I figured he wouldn’t do well because he gets terrible starts. But the second moto he was around 5th in the first corner and ... more »

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I don’t think most of these guys really care about MXDN or how they would do so they also don’t care what our tracks are like compared to overseas. If you haven’t noticed, patriotism is at a low across the USA. It’s not about pride for country anymore. ... more »

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I watched rd 1 on tv (not on peacock app) and I was very disappointed. Seemed like it was on a 2 laps of racing/5 commercials loop. Missed so much of the racing. Luckily a buddy of mine gave me his peacock login so I was able to watch the motos in full ... more »

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After Lakewood. I’m going to put his percentage at 85%. He’s slicing through a stacked 450 field like he did in the 250 class and that’s no fluke. His confidence is now at 100% and if he can manage top 8 starts he’s going to be on the box every weekend. ... more »

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Comprehension.. learn it

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What Tomac have you been watching lately. He can’t get starts. He will not win the title

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There is no fix. You want lap times as a judge. Then the sand baggers will sand bag times as well. It doesn’t matter what rule is in place, people find a way around it to get what they want. At the end of the day.. the kid sand bagging your kid isn’t ... more »

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I know the OP is getting shit on but I’m with him. I’m tired of the cool guy fluffing. Stories are cool, but the same one over and over and over gets old.

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I respectfully disagree with OP. “Our sport” IMO is made up of the moto moms and dads that weekend ride with their kids. If they don’t ride themselves they are taking their kids to and from tracks or places to ride. I think “our sport” is becoming unaffordable ... more »

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I will definitely look into that. I just bought him a 2014 KX85 from Carter powersports in Las Vegas.. it seized up after 10 minutes of riding it so I’m currently rebuilding it. Once it’s done I’ll get him out to the tracks. He’s just been ripping around ... more »

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That’s what I bought as well. 6 bed 3 bath on 5 acres for 380k. In Vegas that gets me a 2 or 3 bed, 1.5 bath and a bunch of liberals. Thanks for all of the info guys. I really appreciate it. I know I can find this stuff on Google but I like hearing personal ... more »

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Funny you mention the rodeo champ. Those brothers (the wright brothers?) are my neighbors. Since we are new to the area we are about to go bring sweets to everyone and introduce ourselves.

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I work out of the Vegas area and work a fire fighter type schedule. I hate Vegas and was looking for small town feel with land. Found it in beaver. Was able to build my kids a pit bike/mini track. Now that my son is getting better I want to introduce ... more »