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Oh man. I hope they keep the grass in. So cool.

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Anyone know what the blue plate that MC ran was for?

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Not commenting on whether this is fair, as I feel like the four year ban really is based around the olympic cycle, and well... not really fair for a sport with such a short career span, but these guys are so calculated with what they eat, consume and how they train. How does something like that "slip" past an athlete? If you knew that there is testing at each event and failing would lose you four years of work, wouldn't you be insanely carful and know what you're consuming?

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Just took some photos of a new custom jersey I put together and got a bunch of questions on Instagram, so I thought I'd post some additional info here. We can pretty much recreate anything (love doing vintage/historical reproductions) or we can get wild

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That was really good. More creative story telling media like this, please. Nice work Shift.

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LED Performance 1974 CZ 250. See more of it (instagram) @seanlight

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Would you ever consider selling this? What size is it?

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Yeah, I've thought the same thing. I really like the stuff Barcia was wearing a few seasons back, but none ever made it to production. I went as far as asking reps at Alpinestars about possibly releasing some of these kits, but it sounds like something ... more »

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Nope, not finding anything.

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The jersey ID's that Dungey and a lot of the other pros have are sublimated (ink printed into the jersey fibers), which is the way textile graphics are mostly printed these days. I would assume that he gets it because Fox actually adds his name and numbers ... more »

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If I get to build a mx track in my suburban backyard, I'm all for it. Noise has obviously been a big problem with keeping tracks open over the years as development sprawls out toward them. Maybe we get mx in the city and are able to run past 9pm. Sounds good to me.

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This podcast episode goes into all of the techniques in production for enhancing audio for sports coverage. There is a good chance that NBC uses the same approach for moto. 99% Invisible is an ... more »

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Ripping on the YZ490

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Yeah, I dont think that that's a thing. Or maybe it's just a junky double backflip where you smash yourself on the seat.

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Yeah that seat looks weird.

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