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Great products and Jeff is a awesome guy! I use the engine oil, chain lube, suspension oil. BLUD also sponsors my MotoSchools and a lot of riders that got some product from them had good results and continued to purchase from them. I gave away lots of ... more »

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Yes that’s me. That is a 95 CR 250. I also raced a 84 RM 250

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Yes I raced it twice. Usually I’m racing Sx as it’s always in April. I usually ride my 450 the Monday after as the track gets decently rough. Didn’t race this year but track was a blast the Monday after

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Diamond Dons is a big deal in Jefferson Texas. 5 miles from my house

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Kudos to Trey and Sarah for putting up the biggest pro purse in Texas (excluding Dallas/Houston SX) for many years. My wallet was looking forward to a low pro turnout with the nationals still running but unfortunately for me an issue arose with getting ... more »

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Use the clutch and practice the technique of brake tapping to be good at it in a pinch. But don’t rely on it. Rely on good body position to put the bike where you want it.

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If the bike is free wheeling into corners or when off the throttle try turning the idle up

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The RadiusCX is the way to go! Slave cylinder install is easy. Run 6 red springs in the AUTO EXP plate. I don’t like the more “on/off” feel of the hydraulic clutch and with the auto I can adjust it to feel more like a cable. More positive feel as well ... more »

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I’ve been running the auto clutch in SX since 2013. I run the RadiusCX in my kawi 450s with the low engagement exp spring set up (6 red exp springs) and it has no slip. People will ride my bike and I tell them it has the manual Rekluse in it and then ... more »

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Yes still for sale. I’ll send you a message

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2019 Kawasaki 450 For Sale. Race-Tech suspension, Rekluse auto clutch, None exhaust, reinforced subframe, Dirt Tricks sprockets, Tamer Holeshot device, Pirelli tires, Goldfren brakes, Mika bars and mounts and I will purchase a set of pre printed numbers

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