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they should be in the 3rd week in Feb or early March.

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how did Jeremias Israel do?

Reply to Anyone Know About This Kid? 5/16/2009 8:06 AM

yeah he is fast!

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Reply to Bradshaw... 8/18/2008 3:09 PM

still my favorite rider, the podcast with him was awesome also.

Reply to Who's gettin a new 2009 bike................ 7/21/2008 8:47 AM

2009 RMZ 450

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to make money for his hunting ranch in washington to retire at.

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fly racing's youtube site has some new gear up.

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that first one is awesome, i haven't seen that til now. thanks.

Reply to cr 125 help 6/17/2008 10:25 PM

turn up the idle

Reply to Damn, RD let JLAW have it in the PC 6/16/2008 3:01 PM

10:15 is where is starts

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dang that sucks, keep at it Sean. get some of that pro circuit stuff for you gas tank to keep the temp down and maybe prevent it from boiling, if you don't have it already! keep it going for the privateers, it's great to see you out there giving it to ... more »

Reply to WEAPON MX A FRAUD??? 6/6/2008 8:59 AM

definitely agree with that. a sponsorship is both getting free product and getting discounts. yeah the discounts cuts out the middle man and you pretty much get things at dealer pricing, but it still helps the racer out. you would be surprised at how ... more »

Reply to Your favorite old bikes... 5/14/2008 6:31 PM

1997 CR125, couldn't find a good pic of it though. i lked that bike.

Reply to LN to photogs... suck it . 5/6/2008 8:54 PM

sounds like the privateers aren't the only ones that get treated like lower class citizens in supercross then?!?

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BT looked really good in the year he won the championship

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Reply to Mathes Bradshaw Interview 4/30/2008 4:57 PM

that was an awesome interview. that guy is my all time favorite rider and that interview just confirmed why! definitely miss seeing him racing!

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no kidding, that place sucks. i drove all the way up there from So. Cal to race in 06 with a clear forecast anticipated.........on friday night the clouds rolled in and it started raining right before my practice session....that place is strange! the ... more »