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Reply to When's Weston due back 2/5/2015 6:15 PM

Bummer. I was really excited about his racing and he looked really good this season. Barcia was also in the shadow of Peick those first two rounds honestly .. 32 total points vs 25. Coulda been a good season for him sadly injuries are part of the sport. ... more »

Reply to can he successfully defend his title?? 2/5/2015 1:16 PM

Bogle did look good in that Transworld video and i have loved his style ever since i saw him ride for the 1st time. I can see him winning some mains for sure. J-mart is a big question he did win the last SX round last year after starting of horribly ... more »

Reply to villopoto test italy!! 2/4/2015 5:43 AM

More footage

Reply to Hawkstone 8 Feb 2/4/2015 12:17 AM

Looks like an exciting line up i hope there will be some live stream of the event. Anyone has any idea if Pootjes will be full time 250 GP rider now ? I am hyped up about that kid.

Reply to Reading an E-Magazine vs print Mags??????? 2/3/2015 9:32 PM

Well i love readin the mags while on travel or on the move or whatever. And since i don't own a Tablet or Smartphone it's a no brainer to go for the mags. Funny enough my local news paper shop recently started selling the RacerX magazine so i'm pretty

... more »

Reply to ITALIAN MX CHAMPS LINK!! 2/1/2015 4:51 AM

Thanks for the link working good. I think the 450s will be riding soon so this should be exciting. Track allot more sandy then what i expected from Itallian tracks lol.

Reply to Paulin vid.. can he beat RV? 1/30/2015 6:19 PM

Paulin had some really impressive GP rides in the past years to. Sadly his last 2 season title fights kinda got derailed by ''small'' injuries where he'd miss a few races. He sure looks good on the Honda. And still thinking back about his Mxon preformance ... more »

Reply to Barcia......injury or Yamaha? 1/27/2015 4:58 PM

I think its more of a Barcia thing then a bike thing. Allthough the hit he took when Tomac landed on him in that one Euro sx might still affect him a bit ? i doubt though it he was on the bike again soon after it. Maybye we are all just expecting a bit ... more »

Reply to KR94 crash update??? 1/25/2015 8:54 AM

This was sure one of the many shocking things happening last night. I am glad he appears to be okay, looked like season or championship run over after impact. Good to see he went back up to good speed and salvage some points, though guy!! Those few points ... more »

Reply to ugh Why are they saying aggressive? Are you kidding me 1/24/2015 7:19 PM

I agree it wasn't aggressive at all. I guess they just throw that word around to hype up the casual fans watching as soon as bikes collide.

Reply to Dean Wilson out with knee injury 1/23/2015 11:55 AM

This sucks big time for him. It has been some time now since he put in a full season in any season i'd think ? Maybye the last one being where he won the 250 outdoor title in 2011. At points i thought he looked really good on the 450 ktm .. was hoping ... more »

Reply to Entry lists for Qatar MXGP 1/22/2015 5:59 PM

The MXGP class is looking pretty good, really competitive. I expect this to be a great year for the GP's. Villopoto is looking really good to so there should be some big hype going into Qatar. I've got 3 GP's really close to attend so thats really awesome ... more »

Reply to glen helen gp 1/21/2015 4:49 AM

I sure hope some USA riders will attend the last mxgp in Glen Helen. The logical thing would be if the USA mxon team does the race since they have to stay in shape for a race that will happen a week or 2 after this GP. Would be fun to see more usa riders ... more »

Reply to Met a pro? Your impression? 1/17/2015 7:02 PM

I have met multiple pro riders from Belgium / Holland sometimes international riders staying in this region and racing the dutch national series also. Memorable experiences i can remember is meeting Steve Ramon he was then a 125cc pro rider for factory ... more »

Reply to Phoenix Night show discussion thread 1/10/2015 6:12 PM

Awesome 1st 250 heat to start the night of with. This tracks seems to lead to allot better racing then last week.

Reply to Phoenix Predictions 1/9/2015 7:28 AM

450s i am hoping for a 3 way battle between Canard, Roczen & Tomac. I think ET has to be fired up to make up for his horrible A1 .. Roczen will be there for sure and Canard to. Possible spoilers being Anderson, Millsaps or Dungey, but RD5 didn't ... more »

Reply to RC out of the booth 1/6/2015 2:36 PM

I said this also in the Replace Ralph topic but god would i love to get Windham up in the booth this year !! I don't mind RC that much but i supose as a team owner and whatever his job exactly is i would prefer him to be with his team.

Reply to sand 1/5/2015 9:19 AM

All i ever have ride was sand tracks so i'll chime in some of me experience. First off you almost never wanna use the front brake because to my experience it locks the front wheel way to easy. Standing up, really while riding sand you should almost never

... more »

Reply to Ralph 1/4/2015 4:22 PM

My favorite commentator last year during the SX season was by far Kevin Windham, his most outstanding preformance was by far the Toronto SX i don't know why exactly but i really dig his commentary. I wouldn't miss Ralph 1 bit if he got replaced by Windham, ... more »

Reply to Osborne 1/4/2015 1:16 AM

For sure respectfull ride, steady 2nd gotta give him props for riding through the injury and doing his job!