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Yep...OK, actually this is a 100 race bike...formally Brian Swink's (I believe Paul Denis last season on minis was '83)

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The 78(C) model came with "keystone" type rings for better sealing. That was the only difference between the 77(B-model) top end. Cylinders on the 77-78 model are interchangeable, and yes the porting specs are the same too. Also, the PE175 top-end will ... more »

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'86 Dave Miller Concepts KX80. Posted this under the Kick-Ass 2 Strokes thread but probably better suited here. I always loved the DMC-stuff back in the 80's...super trick. This bike was featured in MXA if I remember correctly...features alloy 'lowboy'

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'86 Dave Miller Concepts KX80 - Handmade alloy 'lowboy' tank, swingarm, rear-disk brake added, magnesium quick-change clutch cover...etc. Drolled over this when I was a kid

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I wonder, did this guy...

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Think I remember hearing RJ did the same through Lloyds of London back in the 80's. Sportsbetting on oneself is pretty cool.

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Frikken scha-weet

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Just the stock version. "EPIC" should only be used to denote something special. For example....

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The scrubs are cool and all...but I gotta say, that one-footer is sha-weeet!

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Thanks for the (original) post Newmann. Of course Matthes is pro-4 Stroke. How else could he provide such enlightening how-to's such as changing the oool in yer fer stroke.

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Weege: "Goose me again invigorates me before going on camera"

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And there's one frikken' dealer in the entire US., out in BFE Bakersfield.

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Most dirt bikes come with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) which lists the VIN and some banks I've financed through have accepted as Certificate of Title for lien purposes. Anyway, if the owner no longer has the MCO, you can typically get ... more »

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The Jammer must've been funny if he was rockin' skid-marks like that. That's just wrong.

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Can the powers that be please get us a Dogger vs. RJ showdown at next year's San Diego SX?

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Jason McCormick, I believe. He was a Washington native and always did well there.

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Since we're having such a fruitful discussion on wordsmithing, my interpretation is that Andy was referring to the three or four puffs of fuel vapor smoke that came from Metty's exhaust just before his bike ran out of gas. Yeah, that's it.

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JT Racing's return to MX slated for New Year's 2011. Is The Chad cool enough to be allowed to wear it?

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The cut of Barcia airin' the uphill double at 1:54 is frikken' tiiiight! [LINK TO IMAGE]