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+1 on the dealership thing. I was inthe dealership yesterday trying to buy a YZ250 and lets just say they've reached an all time low. I was quoted 10,900 otd on a bike with an MSRP of $7599. I get the demand is crazy high but its just not right.


Dr. Alexander does a ton of the guys within the sport and is local

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We are in Commie California... Count your blessings that we have a track at all to ride on and move on. Have an issue with a particular track? Dont go there and start your own where you can run it however you would like. Jimmy has two tracks open for ... more »

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Does Said Dad's name rhyme with Shmony Shmalessi?

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With the market the way it is right now if you privately sell you can get 10K all day with under an hour on the bike since its never seen dirt.

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Hate to hear this stuff, RIP. Makes me think twice sometimes what we are doing still riding at older ages

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Anyone know who it was?

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When and why is Ping in Fox!?

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For sale in September

sounds like an eay transition LOL! Thanks though, just wish I could ride it now! (I'm one of the half on here to put the bike away since the lockdown). Soon enough though
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I was very hesitant since I've never been a fan of the black bikes and the old black bike rep here in So Cal seemed to be closely compared to the old Deegan & Friends ERA, but I was super stoked how it turned out.

... more »
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Anyone done one of these out of a passenger van? I just picked one up because I liked the look of the windows from the outside (I will cover them from the inside so noone can break in). The main issue I've ran into with the passenger van when I started ... more »

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I do blueprints for new houses, room additions, remodels, etc. After the best start to a year since I went into business I have had only 1 call for a new project in the last two weeks... Luckily I'm small enough I can keep my head above water for a few ... more »

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And this, Vitards, is how to properly customer service ^^^. Mistakes happen, we all make them. Own that Ishh and make it righht. Props ML

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Does anyone have any confirmation that he didn't actually do the necessary steps to get his pro license? I think some of the guys posting above are misinformed on the process, I'm pretty sure they wouldnt let someone just show up and race. Is it possible ... more »

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Selling my 2018 yz450f. Bike only has 38 hours on it. Runs great. Electric start, yamaha wifi tuner app. Clean bike. Just upgraded to the new model. Asking $6,600 DM me for more info

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How do I see some of you getting brand new bikes for 9k or under otd... I'm in the market for a 2020 yz450 and its almost like a get laughed at for wanting my otd price anywhere near the MSRP... Yes, I'm in California and I know thats not helping me ... more »

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I'm sure this thread has been up before, but I cant seem to find my answer... I am trying to get on the "buy a new leftover bike" trend that seems to be the best way to always have new / fresh equipment when you cant quite swallow the whole lose $3000+ ... more »

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what dealership did you go to? I'm in SoCal and I'm going to pick up a '20 yz450 when they hit dealerships, trying to find a dealership that will work with me every year on a new bike...

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Bought a Polar V800 few months ago. Came with a heartrate strap in the box. Absolutely Love it soo far!

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JGR announced a huge downgrade to the team... Hill and AMart only for outdoors... laid off all other mechanics / team members... can't be a good sign for JGR... hopefully they get a title sponsor, if not i'm afraid what that may mean for next year