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He likely had to ride a class down. If he wants to stay B for big AM events this year he HAS to ride B even in local events when the competition is much... less. Even though its a local event he could get protested at the AM Nationals if someone were ... more »

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Couldn't have agreed more. I'd say VET riders / Racers put more of their hard earned money into the sport than any other group. Kids either are fast as hell and get most of their stuff for free or have not so great equipment because that's all they can ... more »

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This build is unreal! Good job man!

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I would go out on a limb to say Mumfords 150 was the most expensive "supermini" to ever race an amatuer national. Bike was pretty!

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Got a late start but Past 2004 KX100 1998 CR125 2012 YZ450 2015 YZ450 2016 YZ450 2017 YZ450 2018 YZ450 2019 YZ450 2020 YZ450 Current 2006 YZ250 2021 YZ450 Best: 2019-2021 YZ450 Worst: The 2012 YZ450 was pretty bad...

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Funny you should mention that... just bought a yz250 a few months ago and it's an absolute blast. Bought an '06 used, rebuilt the motor, put suspension on it, and just about every bolt-on / bling piece and I'm MAYBE 6k into it. Bike is a blast to ride! ... more »

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It's an ongoing issue year after year. And your right I've absolutely shopped around but the fact that I came back to that particular dealer to purchase the bike each time would carry some weight. Again, I'm not trying to be entitled, I've of no importance ... more »

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I don't have personal experience so take it with a grain of salt but I have talked with a friend working for one of the major 4 non-Austrian brands who told me dealers typically get 450's for under 7K so I believe there is room to wiggle. That being ... more »

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Walked into a dealership with 10k cash and walked out with 10k Cash. Such a shame we are where we are. I've been lucky enough to get a new 450 each year from the same dealership for the above amount for 7 years in a row now and apparently loyalty means ... more »

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Mostly show up to the races solo which means when its time for my moto I give the gates a good eyeball test, pick the best looking one and line up. Obviously this has only gotten me to the front of C, mid - rear of B in the vet classes so what do I know. ... more »

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Get this thread fired back up! Found iRacing about a year ago and went all in. Too much fun. Here's my rig so far. Still adding whenever I can!

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Not a chance. Pre '08 market crash JS7, Reed, Carmichael were seeing figures I don't know if the industry will ever see again. Guys were balling.

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Good news guys. MX2 race 2 is up if anyone wants to watch it before we get to watch MX2 race 1

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+1 on the dealership thing. I was inthe dealership yesterday trying to buy a YZ250 and lets just say they've reached an all time low. I was quoted 10,900 otd on a bike with an MSRP of $7599. I get the demand is crazy high but its just not right.


Dr. Alexander does a ton of the guys within the sport and is local

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We are in Commie California... Count your blessings that we have a track at all to ride on and move on. Have an issue with a particular track? Dont go there and start your own where you can run it however you would like. Jimmy has two tracks open for ... more »

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Does Said Dad's name rhyme with Shmony Shmalessi?

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With the market the way it is right now if you privately sell you can get 10K all day with under an hour on the bike since its never seen dirt.

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Hate to hear this stuff, RIP. Makes me think twice sometimes what we are doing still riding at older ages

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Anyone know who it was?