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I started much later than most. I was 22 or so and picked up a 99 kx250 that was blown up for $500. Rebuilt the top and bottom end and rode the crap out of some fields with that bike.

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This whole ram air debate is comical and missing the entire point. These vented airbox covers are meant to increase the airbox volume, allowing the engine to more easily draw in air. The filter sits very close to the cover and even tighter with the powerflow

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One would think that he would learn a lot more racing nationals rather than leading laps around lorettas, but what do I know

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I just have my wife do whatever everyone else is doing

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Funny that you mention them. I haven't listened to asking Alexandria in years and cranked up The Final Episode today on my way home from work.

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The early efi bikes tend to have a lot of low end and fall flat up top, at least that has been my experience. Just something to consider if engine character matters to you

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Amateur racing all weekend at redbud

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I live 30mins from the track in south bend. Yes the area has been hammered with rain the past few days, but the weather today has been sunny with a couple small showers popping up. If the rest of the week is like today the track will be mint.

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In my opinion a single bike hitch rack is sketchy enough, let alone 2 bikes. And it's aluminum!? Not a chance I'd trust that past the driveway. Why not just drive 2 trucks?

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In. Hopefully we get a few more to join

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The R7 looks killer. Nice to see something different in the sport bike world. You guys are hard on Suzuki for not updating the rmz, when the cbr 600 has been basically the same since 07...

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Would yamaha release models across multiple product lines on the same day? Everything I've seen has led me to believe the yzf r7 is what is being announced on the 18th

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I'm lucky to get out once a week. Props to you dude 👍

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A buddy of mine calls them gay ernies

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sexton recreating bubbas big daytona crash

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A lot of guys just don't want a giant monster logo on their bike. To me the monster edition looks more like a fmx bike than a proper moto bike.

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One thing is for certain. Star will protest

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The last real mudder tomac and webb nearly lapped the entire field, including kenny.

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The ccu is dealer installed...