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Reached a reasonably high level in mx and have done numerous track days on a 1000, I can say that, I can’t imagine the forces (particularly braking) those guys (MotoGP) deal with on a lap to lap basis. I wouldn’t put it above or below mxgp but different. ... more »

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They realised that building a solid, reliable, user friendly bike, was more important than who won on Sunday on a factory special. Don’t know about over in the US but the Honda 450 is still the benchmark at club meetings.

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The real question, would it be beneficial in any way?

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Comes down to risk/reward for me. Risk of catching and serious health implications/death vs an unproven vaccine. Pass for me for now. I think a lot of people will think along the same lines, I expect rules will be implemented to ‘persuade’ the masses ... more »

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Same reason historically radio represents or tv personalities have been well paid, it’s all about how much attention they can capture. Advantage of modern ‘influencers’ is that they are more targeted at the market segment you might want to aim your product ... more »

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Going by the positions lost logic, it would be ok to cut half the track after a first corner crash as long as you join at the back of the pack.

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When you put it like that I guess there is a lot of cost/administration/hardware involved in full time recording.

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No one knows how he will come back, including JH himself. No amount of will power and positive thinking can take away that subconscious moment of hesitation if it exists (and it may not, all these top guys are super human)

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There is plenty of tech out there that would put all timeline/action discrepancies out the window...given the current climate, you have to wonder why the police aren’t pushing for it themselves.

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Understandable, I ended up chucking the Airbrakes on the shelf because the roll off system was so poor.

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I think it’s just down to necessity for me, there are other effective alternatives that mean it is just as pointless as throwing your trash on the floor next to a bin rather than in it.

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Never understood the logic behind “it’s not the biggest problem so why worry about it” mentality. I know a few tracks over here that banned them a long time ago, especially those on farmers land. I wonder if the same guys walk around the pits throwing ... more »

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Speedy recovery Mike. Rear facing camera under the seat maybe would be invaluable in these situations.

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Anyone on here with a bit of experience with Dirt Jump frames? I’m 6ft tall and looking at a L Commencal, I haven’t had the chance to even ride a 26” DJ so wondered how ‘roomy’ they feel compared to a bmx and mtb.

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Have a bi metal submariner which is nice as mass produced stuff goes. The absolute dream would be a watch by Roger Smith, the Series 5 Open Dial.

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Remember e-bikes will never catch on....too soon?

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Pichon was known as ‘the rocket’ for a reason, when he was on it was something to behold.

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Everts 98 mxdn, Masterclass in the mud, seems his son may have acquired some of that wet weather skill. Lucky enough to witness it first hand.

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Such an awesome track in the dry, they don’t get a lot worse in the wet.