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Right in man the mind if s so powerful, keep focused you can do it! Make a plan and stick to it. Try to loose a few lbs this will help in the long run, make your family the focus of your wellbeing! Google "treat your own back" its a book by Robin Mckenzie ... more »

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Actually, you'll need the triple clamps from the 06 also... You might have to press the pin out of your triple clamps and put it in the 06 clamps for it to fit properly... Also you would need to use the 06 front wheel spacers, the bigger issue is fork ... more »

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Right on, I'm just pissed that it got to this point... Last night Tony freaked out and made himself look crazy on the pulp show sticking up for his son... I don't want Motoconcepts to leave the sport, I don't want Mike to be without a ride, and even ... more »

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NO I don't and nice of you to show up! You must be Kreskin, because you figured out my true identity, even with my fake screen name! You must be a genius... Wait a minute you must be a afugingenius!

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This is a start.... But you have cost your brother everything, the one thing he excels at is outdoor motocross! You put your father in a position to make himself look like an idiot after he has been busting his ass to make this team successful... Apologies ... more »

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Will the sport be healthier if Motoconcepts is gone? I don't think so, another team leaving the sport isn't going to help riders find decent rides and they are harder to find every year! Should Genova be pissed and protect his brand (Motoconcepts, Smartop) ... more »

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I don't post much and I try to keep my negative comments to myself but I want the awesome coverage we have (same day and next day air) to promote the sport and create new viewers who want to watch Supercross... My issues and the things that I think could ... more »

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It's Feld's fault, Ralph has a producer in his ear telling him what to say... Monster Energy is the title sponsor for supercross and there are contractual obligations to monster... Anyone remember them not letting Pastrana ride during opening ceremonies ... more »

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Go to the Dr... The longer you wait the harder it is to reverse the damage, possible disc problem, Sciatic issue? You will need an MRI for sure and once they pinpoint the problem you can research the best course of treatment with the help of the doc! ... more »

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If Chuck didn't lift that up Barcia would still be there pulling on that bike and finished last anyway, that is a fact! Wouldn't matter, shit finish or DQ same same!

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RIP Cody... I also wanted to thank you for all the joy you were able to bring to his life... As great as you brother was on the track you are equally gifted and a very special person!

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I agree, tblazier has inspired me! I dug out all of my old VHS tape of 90's supercross races and am burning them to dvd!

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I use a spin bike to train... You can get one for a great price at sports authority, here it a link to the one I bought. Get yourself ... more »

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I have not been happy with Alpinestar lately, I have used tech 8's for years and loved them... I just bought a new pair and they don't buckle up right. It is hard to explain and I will try to add a picture later. The front doesn't over lap the side, ... more »

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I have rode the new TC450 and it is really good! I hope they can expand their dealer network so more people can check them out. I like the new bikes for sure! By the way I think it would be cool to see another team racing supercross but it would be very ... more »

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I have tested most of the CTi, donjoys, evs web, and asterisk knee braces. The asterisk is the best off the shelf brace that I have used. They have a ton of adjustability, are bullet proof and have a full knee cup... Great product and price!

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Don't get them, I have them and a buddy does as well and neither of us are happy with them... I'm actually pissed because you can't get the boots buckled up, I can add a picture later so you can see what I'm talking about. Really thinking about contacting ... more »

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Here's the response I just got... The Sounders schedule, and KING's commitment to air the 8/13 match, was finalized in early March, well before NBC scheduled their Motorcross programming in early May. NBC Sports requested that we schedule a makegood ... more »

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I own a fleet washing business, so here is my 2 cents... You can spend a ton of dough for a washer but you really don't need to. Just buy a cheap gas washer and replace the tip with a larger gallon per minute tip, you don't need a ton of pressure to ... more »

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Very Cool! Canada was on it in Colorado for sure...